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EHNW July Salon on Internal Family System (IFS)

Join our friends at EHNW for an informal discussion about Internal Family Systems and how this model relates to the E-H perspective.

Internal Family Systems is a therapy model that conceptualizes all people

$15 – $20

Radical Authenticity Lunch-n-Learn Hosted by EHNW

Online via Zoom

Radical Authenticity with Ken Bradford, PhD This talk clarifies the nature of Inauthenticity and distinguishes between Psychological Authenticity: daring to live one's own life rather than someone else's by sourcing oneself from one's true desires, aversions and indifferences; and Radical Authenticity: which observes that even when we acknowledge and live true to our personal loves […]


Opening in E-H Consult Group

Consultation in the Existential-Humanistic (E-H) Therapy consult groups focuses on cases that illustrate the existential-humanistic orientation to therapeutic practice. These groups are an opportunity to explore how therapeutic orientations are enhanced by incorporating existential and humanistic perspectives. The Next Series for This Group Starts May 9th! This group has an opening for an experienced practitioner. […]

Join Our Friend Ken Bradford for a Meditation Inquiry

Zoom Online

Effortless Presence: A Meditation-inquiry An online meditation-dialogue Benefit attuning the mind to its innately free, unfettered nature. This contemplative hour or so is devoted to releasing mind-proliferating worries and despair into their unconditioned nature; in which nothing is lacking and whatever is happening – good, bad or indifferent – is experienced as already being complete […]


Recommended: 2nd Annual Compassion in Therapy Summit

Recommended by Our Friends at Psychotherapy.netThe Compassion in Therapy Summit! FREE ONLINE EVENT ON NOW! APRIL 20-24, 2022 The Compassion in Therapy Summit 2022Hosted by: The Awake Network and The Center for Mindful Self-Compassion Throughout the summit, participants will explore the latest research, and learn practices to support their own well-being, strengthen the therapeutic alliance, […]


SHP’s 15th Annual Conference

Toward a Post-Human(e)istic Psychology: Deconstructing, Preparing, and Engaging Join SHP colleagues, students, professionals, and friends over a three-day virtual conference hosting a mixture of live and pre-recorded presentations, a poster session, and opportunities for socializing throughout the conference This conference theme focuses on the future of humanistic psychology by acknowledging its past as we prepare […]

$50 – $150

The Existential Unconscious and The Therapeutic Relationship

Zoom Online

New EHI webinar on Otto Rank's Influence in E-H Psychology and Psychotherapy Approved for 3 CEs!* The Existential Unconscious and The Therapeutic Relationship: Otto Rank and the Birth of Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapy Developed and Facilitated by Otto Rank Scholar: Robert Kramer, PhD Webinar Hosted by: Existential-Humanistic Institute Date/Time: Saturday, March 19th, 10am-1pm PST; CE Zoom Check-in […]

$10 – $35

Recommended: March Salon w/ EHNW

Salon: Case Conceptualization, Consultation, and Discussion from an Existential-Humanistic Perspective Presented by Facilitated by Bob Edelstein, LMFT, MFT and Dave Fischer, PsyD Date: Saturday, March 19th, 2022 – 10 AM till NoonSalon to be held via Zoom – Details for joining are provided upon registration Cost: Free for all EHNW affiliates.Others: Professionals – $20, Students – $15  DescriptionWe […]

$15 – $20

E-H Therapy Consult Group for Newer Practitioners

This group will for newly licensed therapists - or those nearing licensure - who have are interested in gaining more E-H training or reinforcing their understanding of E-H work in the context of case consultation and group feedback and support. 10 hours of case consultation, training, and skills practice.

Recommended: Kirk Schneider’s EDD at MIP

The Experiential Democracy Dialogue: Using Depth Psychology to Address Cultural and Political Divides Instructor: Kirk J. Schneider, Ph.D Host: Manhattan Institute of Psychoanalysis Course Description and Overview:This workshop will provide skills for therapists who are challenged by the cultural and political stances of their clients and how those stances manifest and potentially affect the therapeutic […]


Recommended: Feb EHNW Lunch n Learn

Buddhism and Existential-Humanistic Therapy: The Importance of Interconnection  Presented by Chuck Craytor, LPC Friday, February 11th, 2022 1:00pm - 2:30pm Pacific Time Zoom Webinar (logon instructions sent with registration confirmation) Free to all EHNW Affiliates$10 for Non-Affiliates  DescriptionWe live in a world of rapid change and an increasing sense of uncertainty. There is a deepening sense of isolation, […]


Depolarizing Therapeutic Presence w/ Kirk Schneider, PhD


This workshop will provide skills for therapists who are challenged by the cultural and political stances of their clients and how those stances manifest and potentially affect the therapeutic relationship. Dr. Schneider will introduce the concept of the “polarized mind” (the fixation on a single point of view to the utter exclusion of competing points of view), which he developed based on extensive existential-depth and social-psychological research

$10 – $35