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This library contains recommended media pieces related to Existential-Humanistic (E-H) therapy. and philosophy. Many of these pieces feature members of the EHI team in interviews, excerpts of presentations as well as some 3rd party instructional DVDs.

If you are also interested in videos from some of EHI trainings, workshops and events please visit the EHI Video Library.

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Recommended Videos & Interviews


Life-Enhancing Anxiety: Key to a Sane World - with Kirk Schneider, Ph.D.

William Alanson White Institute
Recorded April 9, 2024

Kirk was invited to present at the William Alanson White Institute of Psychoanalysis in New York; a talk which featured his journey with, as well as existential-humanistic and psychodynamic-relational perspectives on anxiety.

It was a moment of bridge-building between existential and psychoanalytic depth perspectives, that Kirk hopes  will expand in years to come. To quote Kirk, “Our collective voices could not be more needed in this trying time of dogma and haste.” 

Special thanks to Albert Banta and Elizabeth Krimendahl of the White Institute for the invitation to speak to the membership.

images of Kirk Schneider of EHI and Albert Banta of the William Alanson White Institute for Kirk's presentation on Life Enhancing Anxiety
Click the image to watch this video on YouTube

Watch this recording of the talk hosted by the William Alanson White Institute of Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis & Psychology where Kirk shares his recent focus,  which draws on the psychology of Otto Rank, on Life Enhancing Anxiety and on the existential bases of this type of anxiety as alternatives to polarized states of being. 

The event was also an homage to Rollo May, whose tenure at the William Alanson White Institute as Training and Supervisory Analyst must not be lost. 


Watch this 2023 Ernest Becker Foundation discussion with the Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis on the overlap between Becker’s ideas and psychotherapy.

Ernest Becker, Otto Rank, and Psychotherapy

The Ernest Becker Foundation
Recorded Feb 10, 2023

Kirk J. Schneider, PhD, Co-founder/President at The Existential-Humanistic Institute

Claude Barbre, MS, MDiv., PhD, LP, Distinguished Full Professor, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Sheldon Solomon, PhD, Professor of Psychology at Skidmore College


Experiential Democracy Dialogue: an Interview with Dr. Kirk Schneider

Harvard Alumni for Mental Health
January 13, 2022

This presentation recording features Dr. Nizzi of Havard Alumni for Mental Health (HAMH) interviewing Dr. Kirk Schneider on his six-phase Experiential Democracy Dialogue. Dr Nizzi, and later Dr. Caifang Zhu, Director of Community Services at HAMH, and Kirk discuss using the Experiential Democracy Dialogue (EDD) to engage to engage in meaningful connected conversation with friends, family, coworkers and others in a format that can sidestep the potential polarization of the selected topic. It is a quite thorough exploration of the approach and its implications for contemporary crises.
This video includes a detailed description of the phases of the dialogue along with a Q & A with the attendees in the last part of the interview.

This presentation on the EDD was given to the Harvard Alumni for Mental Health in January of 2022.


In this conversation, Kirk and Nick discuss existential integrative therapy, the power of presence and how to be present, the sense of awe, and more. 

Existential Integrative Therapy and How to be Present Now

Interviewer: Nick Fortino
Psychology Is (PI) Podcast September 27, 2021

“Dr. Kirk Schneider [EHI president and core instructor] is a licensed clinical psychologist and author of many books, including The Psychology of Existence and The Paradoxical Self. Dr. Schneider is also a leading spokesperson for contemporary existential-integrative psychology [he edited a textbook on E-I Psychotherapy, too (Routledge)].” – PI Podcast on YouTube


Justin Karter of Mad in America podcast speaks with Kirk Schneider in an interview that Kirk describes as “one of the most personal and substantive discussions I’ve experienced on social media to date.” 

Leading Psychology in Existential Times: An Interview With Kirk Schneider

Interviewer: Justin Karter
MAD In America Podcast September 202o

“In this interview, Schneider discusses his path into psychology, including his own struggles and growth, his approach to psychotherapy, and his scholarship on the psychology of awe and the polarized mind. Then we turn to his vision for psychology; a “whole-person” approach to healthcare, a “Psychologist General” of the United States, and the development of dialogue groups that address polarization and division.” – Mad in America website

Kirk Schneider: The Depolarizing of America

Interviewers: leon garber & Alen D Ulman, Seize the Moment Podcast June 2020

In this interview Leon and Alen talk to Kirk about his latest book, The Depolarizing of America: A Guidebook to Healing and his involvement in the Braver Angels Network. This interview features a substantive conversation on the history and structure of the Experiential Democracy Dialogue, a conflict-mediation approach which he founded which draws in part from his experience as a moderator for Braver Angels. Kirk shares his experiences participating in Experiential Democracy Dialogue groups.

EHI’s upcoming online workshop on July 11th will have both Kirk Schneider and Bob Edelstein leading and is aimed at therapists interested in utilizing this Experiential Democracy Dialogue format both for their practices and their own lives. Find out more about the webinar here.

Doug Silberstein: Families and Shelter-in-Place


On this Raw Idea podcast, marriage and family therapist Doug Silberstein discusses coping techniques, highlighting the social and emotional demands impacting family dynamics during these trying times.


Existentialism at a time of COVID-19

This is a grim time–and certainly an existentially challenging time. It is also a time when we rightly turn to our medical caregivers for life-changing interventions and support. We look to our political leaders, at least the ones we can trust, to turn the gears of government in a healing direction. But far too often we forget to turn to artistic and philosophical sources that provide existential sustenance at a time when psychospiritual “remedies” are spare and the sense of helplessness abounds. I’m speaking of “specialists” in the art of “response-ability” in the face of grave perils, such as Viktor Frankl in “Man’s Search for Meaning,” Albert Camus in “The Plague,” and Rollo May in “Freedom and Destiny.” In this interview with Broadcast Journalist Isabella Clarke, we have an intimate discussion about the latter purviews as well as the role of existential-humanistic and existential-integrative approaches to our trying times.” ~ Dr. Kirk Schneider


#688 Video: Existential-Humanistic Psychologist Dr. Kirk Schneider reflects on the pandemic

Interviewer: Isabella Clarke, Shrink Rap Radio

This interview was conducted by U.K. Broadcast journalist and Shrink Rap Radio blogger, Isabella Clarke on March 29, 2020.

Check out more of Shrink Rap Radio on YouTube.

Click here to view video on Relational Implicit website.

Kirk Schneider: Exploring the polarized mind

Interviewer: Serge Prengel, Relational Implicit

This conversation started as Serge Prengel interviewing Kirk Schneider. Very quickly, Kirk became the listener, guiding Serge into an experiential exploration of polarization. This interview was conducted in February, 2020.

This interview is available as audio and there is a related essay. Check out more  on the Relational Implicit website.



Adrian Choo & Thal Mohammed w/ Dr Kirk Schneider
SoulSpace Podcast, May 19, 2019

Insightful interview on life, politics, and therapeutic practice.


Rachelle Akuffo w/ Dr Kirk Schneider
CGTV NewsToday, October 10, 2019

An interview  on existential therapy in the tech age.



Caveat Magister w/ Dr Kirk Schneider
Burning Man Journal, April 16, 2018

Caveat Magister of Burning Man’s Philosophical Center interviews Kirk Schneider, EHI’s President and Instructor, about the paradox of human nature and his newest book, The Spirituality of Awe: Challenges to the Robot Revolution.



Dr Scott Kauffman w/ Dr Kirk Schneider
The Psychology Podcast, December 25, 2017

Dr Scott Kauffman talks with Dr Kirk Schneider, about existential therapy, Awe, challenges in our digital age, his kinship with Rollo May, and preserving our humanity.


Kirk Schneider: Existential Integrative Therapy

Hosts: Living Institute & Assoc. of Psychotherapy Training Institutions
Toronto, Canada, 2016

Video excerpt from 2016 presentation. Dr Schneider discusses the current state of Existential-Humanistic Therapy in practice and his use of Existential Integrative Therapy in his practice. 


Dr Lisa Firestone’s Interviews with Dr Kirk Schneider

Awe and the Implications for Conducting Therapy

Dr Lisa Firestone w/ Dr Kirk Schneider

 Dr Kirk Schneider on the transformative power of awe.

Developing Awe in Existential Psychotherapy

Dr Lisa Firestone w/ Dr Kirk Schneider

Dr Kirk Schneider on developing awe in existential psychotherapy

Psychological and cultural polarization

Dr Lisa Firestone w/ Dr Kirk Schneider

Dr Kirk Schneider on psychological and cultural polarization

This PsychAlive series includes topics on awe, polarization, and living life more fully. This series with Dr Lisa Firestone Interviewing Dr Kirk Schneider has 15 segments see the
full Playlist of the series here. To find Dr Schneider’s books on awe, polarization, and psychotherapy please visit his website.


Why is Extremism on the Rise?....Interview with Kirk Schneider

Thom Hartmann, Big PictureTV
May 14, 2013

Thom Hartmann interviews Dr Kirk Schneider about the rise of extremism and polarization.

Interested in ways to combat polarization and engage in healing dialogue? Check out Dr Schneider’s new book, The Depolarizing of America, available for pre-order now.


Joy in Aging Series with Dr Nader Shabahangi


Sharon w/ Dr Nader Shabahangi
KRON Channel 4

Dr Nader Shabahangi speaks about the concept of eldership. How elders are our teachers. 

Aging Philosophies

Sharon w/ Dr Nader Shabahangi
KRON Channel 4

Dr Nader Shabahangi speaks about growing as a human not growing old. Aging as a positive experience, not a negative inevitability. 

Aging with Grace

Sharon w/ Dr Nader Shabahangi
KRON Channel 4

Dr Nader Shabahangi speaks about shifting our perspective on aging.

This Joy in Aging series with Dr Nader Shabahangi has 24 segments see the
full playlist of all videos here. To find out more about Dr Shabahangi and Eldership visit Eldership Academy.

Recommended E-H Therapy DVDs

Existential–Humanistic Psychotherapy Supervision

Speaker: Dr Kirk Schneider


Companion DVD to the APA textbook Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapy Supervision by Krug & Schneider.

In existential–humanistic therapeutic supervision, the supervisor must pay close attention to how the supervisee is present both within the supervisory session as well as with his or her clients, and to the supervisee’s attunement to the client’s desire and capacity for change, and how that desire and capacity is addressed. Experiential role plays and rehearsal are also drawn on to bring this aforementioned supervision format “alive.”

In this video, Dr. Kirk J. Schneider and his supervisee engage in a supervisory session, and host Dr. Hanna Levenson interviews them about their work together, exploring the constructs of this model as they discuss highlights from the demonstration session.

Existential–Humanistic Therapy Over Time

Speaker: Dr Kirk Schneider


Companion DVD to the APA textbook Existential-Humanistic Therapy by Schneider & Krug. In Existential–Humanistic Therapy Over Time, Dr. Kirk J. Schneider demonstrates this distinctly American expression of existential therapy. Emphasizing freedom, experiential reflection, and responsibility, this approach draws from Schneider’s existential–integrative framework. The goal of this therapy is to help clients free themselves from self-imposed limitations. The focus of the approach is here-and-now, which involves frequently asking clients to check in with their emotions and bodily sensations. By not only discussing, but experiencing the problems they face in-session, clients come to a deeper understanding of their authentic life goals, versus those imposed by others or by a rigid sense of self.

Existential–Humanistic Therapy

Speaker: Dr Kirk Schneider


In Existential Therapy, Dr. Kirk J. Schneider demonstrates his existential–integrative model of therapy. Developed by Dr. Schneider with the inspiration of Rollo May and James Bugental, existential–integrative therapy is one way to engage and coordinate a variety of intervention modes—such as the pharmacological, the behavioral, the cognitive, and the analytic—within an overarching existential or experiential context.

Existential-humanistic psychotherapy in action.

Speaker: Dr James Bugental

[DVD & Streaming]

Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapy in Action shows this legendary clinician and teacher conducting two actual psychotherapy sessions with the same client. Witness Bugental put into practice the concepts he has written about in numerous classic texts and over 100 journal articles and chapters:

• Facilitating client and therapist presence
• Working with resistance (to fuller living, not just to therapy)
• Balancing confrontation with support
• Reinforcing client subjectivity as fertile ground for true depth work
• Guiding clients into the search process

Rollo May on Existential Psychotherapy

Speaker: Rollo May

Psychotherapy,net [DVD & Streaming]

Drawing from the influence of his forefathers–Freud, Jung, and Fromm–as well as classical mythology, philosophy and literature, May gives a passionate explanation of Existential Psychotherapy and why it is so important for the practice of psychotherapy in a world full of “gimmicks.” In this personal and provocative dialogue with Kirk Schneider and colleagues, May explores his own unique therapy style, reflects on his work with clients, and gets specific on what we can take and leave from other influential psychotherapists.

Irvin Yalom: Live case consultation.

Speaker: Irv Yalom


[DVD & Streaming]

Three therapists with varying levels of experience present cases to master clinician Irvin Yalom. 

Dr. Yalom responds to both the clinical issues and the therapists’ reactions and countertransference, always looking for opportunities to bring more focus into the here-and-now of the therapeutic relationship. He highlights key existential themes, interweaving ideas from writers and philosophers who have influenced his thinking, as well as clinical vignettes from his own practice.