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Inside This Issue:

Pg 2: Let’s Not Waste Our Pain by Nader Shabahangi, PhD, MFT

Pg 3: Alex +Coronavirus, Alex Saltman, 11 yrs

Pg 4: E-H Perspectives on . . . COVID-19 and Sheltering-in-Place by Doug Silberstein, MFT

Pg 5: COVID-19 it is = The Pause by Sonja Saltman, MFT

Pg 6-7: What Makes For a “Compassionate” Education in the Time of Covid-19? by Divine Love A. Salvador, PhD, RPsy

Pg 7: Contrasting Moments by By Scott Gibbs, MA, MBA, MFT

Pg 8: The Depolarizing of America book by Kirk Schneider, PhD, PSY

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Inside This Issue:

Pg 2: Embracing Subjectivity by Bob Edelstein, LMFT

Pg 2: Wanting to be an Existentialist by Sonja Saltman, MFT 

Pg 3&4: The Coarsening (And Hope) of The American Mind by Kirk Schneider, Ph.D. 

Pg 5&6: A Taste of EHI’s Annual Experiential Training by Troy Piwowarski, Psy.D

Pg 7: Our Home: The Existential-Humanistic Institute by Nader Shabahangi, Ph.D. 

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