Supporting E-H Therapeutic Practitioners

EHI specializes in Existential-Humanistic therapy (E-H) professional enrichment programs and events for both licensed professionals & graduate students.

At the heart of EHI’s training programs is its Experiential Training Course Retreat at which attendees gain hands-on experience with Existential-Humanistic therapeutic skills in a safe and supportive residential intensive setting.

Featured Trainings & Workshops

EHI Certificate in Foundations of Existential-Humanistic Therapy Practice

For students looking to gain a foundation in Existential-Humanistic Therapy practice; annual experiential training & theory courses, and case consultation included.

EHI Experiential
Training Course
(Principles of Practice retreat only)

For new or returning attendees who want to attend the experiential training course featured in the Certificate programs,  no additional coursework. Consult group optional.

New Workshop: Core Skills in Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapy

2 1/2 day annual online workshop for practitioners (and students) who would like to learn core Existential-Humanistic core skills in a shorter, more accessible online format.



Next Depolarizing Series Workshop

Radical Authenticity w/ Ken Bradford, PhD

July 10, 2021

Existential-Humanistic Events

Workshops, gatherings, symposiums, and conferences. EHI nurtures professional partnerships that have grown over the years to bring quality learning opportunities to the Existential-Humanistic clinical community. We also share events from our Friends and Partners.

EHI's Core Team

Troy Piwowarski, Sonja Saltman, Nader Shabahangi, Doug Silberstein, Kirk Schneider
Due to the pandemic our latest additions are not yet pictured: Scott Gibbs and Nance Reynolds

Recent News:

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The Existential Moment: The “here and now”—Our best friend

Existential-Humanistic Therapy is experiential and relational. Working in the “here and now” is central to experiential work and a powerful ally in therapy. As Irv Yalom (2002) aptly summarizes, “The here-and-now is the major source of therapeutic power, the pay dirt of therapy, the therapist’s (and hence the patient’s) best friend.” (p. 46)

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