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Experiential Training

This training takes place annually with a combined cohort of Foundations Certificate Students, Advanced Program Students, and Experiential Training participants. Visit the Training page for more info. 

Intro to the Experiential Training

Dr Kirk Schneider, EHI President, introduces the annual E-H experiential residential training course.  

Experiential Dyad

Facilitated by EHI Instructors

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EHI Instructors: Kirk Schneider, Troy Piwowarski, Sonja Saltman, Nader Shabahangi Plus…

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Working with Dreams and Understanding our Life Myth

Dreamwork Facilitator: Sonja Saltman, LMFT

This video demonstrates Dream Re-entry: a method in which you place yourself in a meditative state and go back into your dream from a waking state in order to re-experience your dream more fully and in present tense and possibly resolve it, followed by working with Gestalt Therapy guidelines to fully exploits nuances of the dream. Filmed at experiential training.

EHI 2016 Conference

Theme: ‘Always Going Home’: Human Evolution and Digital Revolution

This 9th Annual conference was a dynamic, interactive group discussion hosted by EHI’s Nader Shabahangi, Kirk Schneider, Sonja Saltman, Orah Krug, Mary Madrigal, Troy Piwowarski, and Suzan Bollich.

Keynote Presentation: Erv Polster, PhD

EHI was honored to have preeminent Gestalt Psychotherapist Dr Erving Polster present the EHI 9th Annual Keynote via Skype.

Kirk Schneider Shares Jason Silva's "Radical Openness" Video

Kirk Schneider shares Jason Silva’s “Radical Openness” video from TEDGlobal 2012. This video is described by Jason Silva as “an anthem on the power of IDEAS.” A group discussion of the video and its possible implications follows the viewing of the video.
View Jason Silva’s “Radical Openness” video here on Vimeo.

Break-out Groups: Digital Work and Relationships

Attendees break out into small groups to discuss digital work and relationships. 

EHI 2015 Conference

Theme: The Power of Presence

EHI dedicated its 8th Annual Conference to Jim Bugental, a founder of Humanistic Psychology, co-founder of the Existential-Humanistic Institute, master Existential Therapist, author, teacher, and pioneer of Transpersonal Psychology.

Roger Walsh, PhD, MD Keynote Speaker

In this Keynote presentation Roger Walsh shares his experience in therapy with Jim Bugental. Jon Carlson, who created the videotape series of expert therapists for the American Psychological Association, has probably seen more master therapists in action than anyone else in history, and he said of Jim Bugental, “He was the best therapist I ever saw.” I had the privilege of being in therapy with Jim for almost two years and it was the most transformative experience of my life, changing everything from my values, career, and worldview to my understanding of human nature and potentials. Many others were similarly affected. In this talk I’ll share what it was like to work with Jim, the kinds of insights he fostered, how and why he was so effective, the risks he was willing to take, the many things we can learn from him, and the legacy he leaves.

Roger N. Walsh, MD, Ph.D., is an Australian professor of Psychiatry, Philosophy and Anthropology at the University of California, Irvine, in the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, within UCI’s College of Medicine. 

2015 Conference Intro

This conference brought together a number of Jim’s former students and associates, many of whom now are respected mentors, therapists and teachers themselves. In this intro some of these peers, colleagues, students, and clients share some of their stories of Jim and his influence on their personal and professional lives.

2015 Conference Presentations & Excerpts

The presenters that joined EHI for the 2015 conference came together to celebrate Jim Bugental’s everlasting influence on their work. 

Presence and the Polarized Mind:  How Can We Apply Jim's Principles to Social Conflict?

Dr Kirk Schneider

This talk depicts Kirk’s own inspiration, based on Jim’s inspiring model, to apply the sensibility of presence to a range of social conflicts beyond the consulting room.  Drawing from his recent books  he considers how presence, or the holding and illuminating of that which is palpably significant between therapist and within client (or partners) can facilitate the rejuvenation of communities to enhance the enrichment and stabilization of our world.

The Art of Jim Bugental’s Psychotherapy

Bob Edelstein, MFT

Jim Bugental was a master at facilitating a client in their self-discovery in what is alive for them in the moment. Through lecture, discussion, an experiential exercise, and demonstration, five key concepts that informed Jim’s work were explored. The concepts are: inward searching, self-and-world constructs, resistance, subjectivity, and presence.

Who’s Aging Are We Living? Re-Visioning the Purpose and Power of aging

Dr Nader Shabahangi and Dr Bruce McBeath

Excerpted video: Nader and Bruce explore participants’ personal images of aging, address the impact of cultural stereotypes on our perception of aging, and move beyond culturally imposed limitations to recapture the gifts aging offers for personal development and sorely needed cultural maturity.

Radical Intersubjectivity: Attunement Through as a Portal to Authentic Existence

Dr Suzan Bollich

Abstract: This presentation aims to demonstrate a more radical approach of intersubjective work with (a) an enthusiastic talk that integrates actual case vignettes from Dr. Bollich’s clinical work with relevant short quote selections from Jim Bugental’s writings, and (b) an experiential exercise to demonstrate radical intersubjective attunement.

The Poetics of Psychotherapy

Dr Tom Greening

In this video excerpt of the presentation Dr Greening shares a poem he wrote, during Roger Walsh’s keynote presentation, called “I Turn to You.” He deprecatingly pokes some irreverent fun at the “preciousness” of the words “we use to describe” the work we do  as Dr Orah Krug describes the poem. He talks about his personal and professional relationship with Jim Bugental. And the group discusses how modeling vulnerability can help the client.

Poetics Expressions in the Shadows: The Use of Poetry to Facilitate the Grieving and Loss

Dr Louis Hoffman and Dr Micheal Moats

Long before psychotherapy, poetry was used to facilitate painful expressions of grief and loss. In so doing, poetry often served roles similar to psychotherapy in promoting the grieving process. 

Raising the Stakes: Increasing Client Presence and Commitment in the Living Moment

Dr Bruce McBeath and Dr Paul Bracke

Excerpted video: The presentation included fresh perspectives from Bugental’s original teaching, clinical case examples and participant interaction.

The Subtle Somatic Qualities of Presence

Jon Prendergast, PhD

The Abstract for this presentation:
Our bodies express presence in subtle, recognizable ways. As our bodies become increasingly free of conditioning and as our capacity for felt-sensing refines, we are able to experience one or more of the following facets of presence: spaciousness, groundedness, open-heartedness, and an inner alignment/aliveness. These subtle somatic markers can be experienced by both therapist and client in the shared field. Therapists can use these signals to help track experience and to mirror clients’ deepening authenticity and presence during an inner search, facilitating greater self-trust and autonomy.

Authenticity, Presence, and the Shamanic Journey: Jim Bugental as Shaman

Dr Steven Schmitz

The Abstract for this presentation:
Dr. James F. T. Bugental is quoted as saying, “Humanistic psychology is founded on a dedication to the wholeness of human life, a conviction that life has greater potential than has yet been realized, and an openness to a wide range of observations, methods, and practices. In this perspective, we draw humility, challenge, and encouragement from the realization of how much about human beings is yet unknown.”  In his book, Psychotherapy and Process, Jim wrote about psychotherapy as a journey. This talk will explore how Jim’s psychotherapy was like a shamanic journey to become more present and authentic in one’s life, and to discover the “greater potential than has yet been realized.”

1998 EHI's Grand Opening

EHI celebrated it’s grand opening in 1998 less than a year after it was conceived as a program under the auspices of the former Pacific Institute. 

Video of Skit with Victor Yalom & Nader Shabahangi

Victor Yalom founder of and EHI’s Nader Shabahangi do a fun “therapy demo” skit during the grand opening celebration in San Francisco in 1998. Here, Dr Yalom plays the role of the therapist and Dr Shabahangi the role of the client. 


Dr Victor Yalom

Dr Nader Shabahangi 

Videography & Still Photography

S Smith Patrick, San Francisco

EHI has been honored to work with documentary filmmaker and photographer, S Smith Patrick, since the early 2000’s. Her innate talent as a story teller and her deeply humanist style have helped us to capture moments in our learnings that are often personal and transformative.