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Rose, MA, LMFT

Board Member-at-Large, Instructor, Private Practice

Ojai, California

Bonnie Rose, MA, LMFT, is a respected psychotherapist, lecturer, and fine artist with a busy private practice based in Ojai serving California. She has learned from many mentors throughout her education and therapy career and treasures each new opportunity to mentor others.

Bonnie received her BA from UCLA in Art History with a California Secondary Teaching Credential, which enabled her to mentor junior and senior high school students in art classes for 13 years.

She enrolled in graduate school at Pepperdine University, where author and professor David Levy, PhD, taught a Theories of Personality class. He encouraged students to choose a therapeutic approach, learn it thoroughly, and bring this focused expertise to their professional life as practitioners.

In 1990, Bonnie attended an Evolution of Psychotherapy conference, where she was introduced to Viktor Frankl’s German accent. She heard his voice echoing throughout the coliseum in Anaheim, CA, as he presented his keynote address to thousands of participants.  Her life’s mission began to take shape after this presentation.

At the same conference, she wandered into a presentation called “Objectivity-Subjectivity”, where James F.T. Bugental, PhD, spoke about “aliveness” and the influences of making ourselves the “object” of our lives versus the “subject” of our lives. She now saw her path more clearly and was inspired to call Jim to participate in all of his educational and experiential offerings.

Bonnie completed her MA at Pepperdine in Clinical Psychology, which enabled her mentoring to continue as a faculty member, teaching psychology classes, at Los Angeles Valley Community College and Pierce Community College.

She has been a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for nearly 30 years now. She has expertise as an existential humanistic psychotherapist. This heartfelt and highly effective approach enhances her use of EMDR, somatic experiencing, and other treatment modalities.  Her extensive involvement in a broad scope of community programs adds depth and dimension to her professional and life experience. She has been privileged to work with individuals, couples, families, and to facilitate groups with members who learn to reflect upon what shows up in the present, and the mystery of their sacred inner-life concerns.

Bonnie continues to embrace mentorship, with gratitude and as profound gifts in every experience, that humbly shapes and influences who she is.

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