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Continuing Education: 2021’s training was approved for 33 CEs*

Track 2. The Experiential Training Course Module

Retreat Only—Existential-Humanistic Therapy: Principles of Practice

EHI Director of Clinical Training: Nader Shabahangi, PhD, MFT

EHI now offers this program track for those primarily interested in participating in the experiential training course,Existential-Humanistic Therapy: Principles of Practice,” the same training retreat that we offer as part of the Foundations Certificate Program. This training is focused on principles of Existential-Humanistic (E-H) therapy practice skill development.

Why Do Therapists Attend This Training Retreat?

"The program showed me a doorway within myself into territory that I was aware of but had yet to fully conceptualize."


Retreat Only Description

This track is an opportunity for EHI to provide our experiential training to students who are not enrolled in the Foundations Certificate program. Students may always opt into the certificate track if they so desire.

This skill-development training module focuses on learning to: 

(a) identify meaning-making processes unfolding in the present moment, 

(b) illuminate these “actual but often unrecognized” processes by cultivating intrapsychic and interpersonal presence, 

(c) develop a safe and intimate therapeutic relationship, 

(d) recognize and work with existential life issues which may be present but disguised, and 

(e) recognize and work with transference and counter transference issues within an existential framework.

Once formally accepted into the program, participants enroll to attend the experiential training residential, and may also opt to participate in video or in-person consultations with our faculty.


Residential Course Module w/ Optional Consult

This residential training course is the annual experiential training historically held as a retreat at Westerbeke Ranch in Sonoma, CA.  There is an experiential evaluation on the final day of the training. This module is the only module with in-person requirements any other optional modules are completed remotely.

*International & out-of-state program participants please note: Students are only required to attend in-person the Experiential Training, that is the only mandatory travel required for this program. 

This module is held remote. The video consultation groups meet once per month for 5 months via Zoom. The consultation module will begin the following the training and consists of five 2-hour group consults.  Group participants will consult on applying the training into real world client work.  Two EHI instructors will be group co-leaders.  The video consultation module is priced separately and if enrolled prior to the retreat is discounted for retreat attendees.

As an Experiential Retreat Training Program attendee you will be able to enroll and participate in the experiential training module. You may also choose to enroll in the optional video/in-person consult module. Some retreat-only attendees chose to upgrade to the Foundations Certificate program after attending the retreat, that is a future option.


The Experiential Training

Schneider and Krug’s APA textbook, Existential-Humanistic Therapy 2nd Ed, will be a core resource. Additional supplemental readings of Rollo May, James Bugental and Irvin Yalom will be included.

For a more info about the training course residential please visit the Training Course Description page.

The Core of EHI Programs

The mandatory 6-day, 5-night experiential training is the heart of EHI’s programs. It allows licensed professionals and graduate students in psychology or counseling programs to come together in a safe environment, get to know one another, and experience how E-H therapy is practiced up close and personally. All EHI’s education programs feature this existential therapy training.

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Training Approach

EHI instructors, noted leaders in the field, emphasize the key ingredients of the E-H approach, including empathy, acceptance, and genuineness, to model how trainees can create safe, collaborative and life-changing therapeutic encounters. They demonstrate how the therapeutic relationship, in and of itself is a vehicle for healing and change and how therapeutic “presence” cultivates sensitivity and appropriate responsiveness to clients emotions, relational patterns and inner worlds.These two essential principles: building the therapeutic relationship and working in the “here and now” are the foundational blocks of E-H therapy and EHI training

"The retreat is an opportunity to be part of a community where we can think together using the themes of E-H. We can apply theories to cases, watch the work of our mentors and each other. By living together we experience an intimacy that creates an environment that reduces barriers and the ensuing connections foster a greater capacity for learning."


2022 Experiential Training Dates

 Approximately forty-five hours of programming are scheduled in this experiential.

Dates: May 26th - 31st, 2022

The residential starts at 4:00pm on the first day and ends 2:30 pm(after lunch) on the final day. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please reach out to us. We look forward to talking with you more about the program!

Director of Clinical Training

Nader Shabahangi, PhD, LMFT


Clinical Training Coordinator

Stephanie Weissman, PsyD

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