EHNW: A Drama Informed Perspective

Reflecting on his experiences and observations as an artist and mental health counselor, Joaquin Lopez, LPC, will present ideas that construct what he coins as a drama-informed perspective toward life. This perspective is garnered from years of producing storytelling events about local community members and noticing common themes in their trials and tribulations. He explores the power of storytelling as a tool rooted in existential-humanistic theory for both community and personal healing. Joaquin will draw from real life examples in working with adults in and outside counseling office.


Salon: Examining the Limitations to Presence and How to Stay in the Here-and-Now

On June 25th, EHI Is hosting a 90-minute virtual community space for contacting and cultivating therapeutic presence. Personal, relational, and cosmological aspects are considered in group discussion, practical demonstration, dyad practice, and will be flexible in nature to follow prerogatives emergent from the group.


EHNW Annual Workshop: Ego, Soul, and the Restorative Function of Emotional Pain

In this workshop, the presenter will introduce an original approach to psychotherapy based upon the premise that emotional healing is fundamentally a psycho-spiritual event. This approach offers a unique way of integrating the values of authentic presence, intentionality, and meaning rooted in the Humanistic-Existential-Phenomenological orientation with the spiritual depth of Buddhist and Transpersonal Psychology. Its theoretical foundation is based upon the interweaving of three elemental assertions (see the event page for more details).


Core Skills in E-H Psychotherapy Workshop Fall 2024

Friday, Nov 1st and Saturday Nov 2, 2024
Friday, Nov 15th and Saturday Nov 16th, 2024

Registration to open late June.

An Existential-Humanistic approach to psychotherapy can be a foundation for all therapists seeking to do deep and life-changing work with their clients. The E-H approach is based on core ways of being and working with clients that help facilitate greater awareness, greater sense of choice, increased agency and adaptiveness and a deeper connection to self and others – all in the service of healing and growing. There are core capacities and skills an E-H therapist uses to help clients effectively explore and work through their existential predicaments so they can more fully access what deeply matters to them.


May Retreat: Existential-Humanistic Therapy: Principles of Practice

A Deeper Dive Into E-H Therapy Practice</strong?

The experiential intensive involves a combination of relationship-building, learning of theoretical foundations, and first-hand experiences wherein theory comes to life.

Hands-On Experiential Training!</strong?

Engage in intensive, immersive experiential learning

Practice working in the "here and now" with an E-H focus

Learn to build the therapeutic relationship using E-H skills

Experience how E-H therapy is practiced up close and personally

Join professionals/graduate students in a facilitated and safe environment