3rd World Congress of Existential Therapy

Royal Olympic Hotel, Athens, Greece Athens, Greece

Living in the Here and Now:
Embracing our roots
Creating our future

Heraclitus states that "Everything flows and nothing remains". He reminds us that "nobody bathes twice in the same river", explaining not only that the water in the river flows, but that people also change from one moment to another.

Our existence is always present, initiating and encompassing all of our biological and social history. At the same time, and while existence encompasses the past, it is envisioned and moving towards the future. A future in which human beings do not merely move but create, through their inherent freedom.

The 3rd World Congress of Existential Therapy is being held in Athens in May 2023 and offers an opportunity to address the here-and-now while embracing our roots and building a vision towards the future.

$150 – $450

EHNW Lunch n Learn April 2023

In this presentation attendees will identify Sexual Dysfunctions per the DSM as well as common themes in sexual dysfunction, specifically Psychosocial factors.  Participants will eview diagnostic criteria of male and female sexual disorders, desire and orgasm disorders. Discuss sex as a problem, sex as a casualty, and sex as a symptom of an underlying medical or mental health problem. The session will include  common LGBTQ sexual issues and the issues of other specialized populations.


EHNW Salon March 2023

Case Conceptualization, Consultation, and Discussion from an Existential-Humanistic Perspective

Facilitated by EHNW Board Members, Bob Edelstein & Dave Fischer

EHNW invites you to join them in an open conversation on Saturday March 18th. This salon will review some therapy cases, including client’s presenting issues and potential therapeutic responses, from within an Existential-Humanistic framework. The discussion will be facilitated by EHNW board members, including Bob Edelstein and Dave Fischer. Please feel free to bring a current case for which you would like some consultation, or listen to others, ask questions, and contribute your comments. Due to time considerations, not every case will likely be discussed.


The Society of Humanistic Psychology 16th Annual Conference

University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

University of New Mexico, Albuquerque Community. Collaboration. Embodiment:Cultivating an Ethic of Radical Hospitality in Treacherous Times "How I experience the world is different from how you experience the world, and both our interpretations matter."~~Manulani Aluli-Meyer, Indigenous Scholar, Ocean Peoples Cultivating an ethic of radical hospitality in treacherous times. "Inhale, soft front. Relaxed and at ease. […]

$100.00 – $300.00

Leopold Szondi’s “Fate Analysis”: The Lost Central European School of Existential Psychology

Zoom Online

Announcing EHI's International Existential Scholars Lecture Series

Why do we make the choices that we do? How conscious are we of the choices we make and what factors most influence those choices? How free are we in the process of making choices, and to what degree are we predisposed to choose and act in potentially predetermined ways?

Leopold Szondi (1893-1986), proposed that there is a "family unconscious" that can greatly influence our choices; that there is a strong pull toward acting out of a multigenerational family heritage – an unconscious pull that compels us to repeat old and oftentimes dysfunctional patterns...

$10 – $20

Free Live Webinar With Victor Yalom of Psychotherapy.net


Join Psychotherapy.net Founder, Victor Yalom, at this free event. Watch Victor work with Laura, a therapist who feels stuck with a depressed client. You'll see the power of process comments and attending to the here-and-now of the therapist-client relationship.


EHNW Lunch-n-Learn: Fostering Authenticity

Fostering Authenticity: Character Analytic and Somatic Interventions in Contemporary Orgone (Reichian) Therapy
Presented by Daniel Schiff, PhD
All humanistic and existentially based therapies share the understanding that many of the symptoms that clients bring to therapy stem from their inability to live an authentic life.  The fostering of authenticity is therefore one of their primary goals.  Contemporary Orgone (Reichian) Therapy, a humanistic/existential therapeutic approach based upon the integration of Wilhelm Reich’s character analytic and bioenergetic therapy, gestalt therapy, person-centered therapy and self psychology,  approaches this endeavor through addressing the cognitive, emotional, behavioral and somatic defenses that prevent one from making full contact with their authenticity. 


Recommended Panel: Ernest Becker, Otto Rank and Psychotherapy

Claude Barbre, MS, MDiv, PhD, LP, Sheldon Solomon, PhD, & Kirk J. Schneider, PhD

Join the Ernest Becker Foundation for a discussion with the Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis on the overlap between Becker's ideas and psychotherapy.


Recommended: EHNW Seminar Series

Online via Zoom

Carol is a Gestalt therapist and co-founder of the Portland Gestalt Therapy Training Institute.  

In the seminar series, she will explore such relevant topics as:  

Why Thinking Matters 

The I-Thou and I-It relationship 

The origin of phenomenology,  

Embodied Intersubjectivity  

The Ethics of Play  

Responsive Ethics 

The Face of the Other
This seminar will identify the humanistic tradition out of which psychotherapy emerged and within which we psychotherapists are an active expression.  Principal philosophers who contributed to a personalistic worldview — that is, a view of our being with one another that is based on human values – will be identified and introduced.

$200 – $350

Recommended: Gun Violence in America: Who is Pulling the Trigger?

In this webinar, the speakers emphasize the underlying dynamics, conscious and unconscious, in our individual and collective psyche, fueling the rise of gun violence to new heights. Dr. Conforti explores the dark archetypal force in the collective psyche, which results in the slaughter of innocent children. Dr. Garbarino highlights the multiple effects and sequela of gun violence creating a “war zone mentality." Dr. Kirk Schneider will elaborate on what he calls “the polarized mind.” which underlies our propensity to violence. 

$10 – $30

EHNW Lunch and Learn – The Later Stages of Adult Development and their Foundation

Presented by Diane Steinbrecher, LCSW and Shannon Pernetti

What do the later stages of researched Adult development beyond Piaget look like? How can we use researched development in making clinical interventions, assessment, and diagnosis? What does it take to move to the next level of development and how do therapists assist this happening? We'll also be looking at developmental theory as a way of understanding the divisions that are so oppressive in our world today, and how to help shift into a more unified and generative 'good for all' way!


EHNW Salon: On Becoming A Therapist-In-The-World

Presented by Justin Rock, LPC

Becoming a therapist is more than just a job, it is a way of being-in-the-world and being-with-others. What does it relationally mean to be a therapist? How does becoming a therapist change oneself as a person? Becoming a therapist can bring to existential angst of connection and isolation to the forefront. EHNW welcome students and professionals of all levels of experience to join, explore, and share the topic and experience of becoming a therapist and what that means for each of us.