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The Existential Moment – On Freedom and Responsibility

Unfairly imprisoned for 27 years in apartheid-ruled South Africa, Nelson Mandela refused to succumb to the chains of victimhood, blame, and rage, instead embracing the powerful message of self-mastery and determination of the poem “Invictus.” For Mandela, “Invictus,” meaning “unconquered” in Latin, was a guiding light of inner freedom in dark times of brutality, isolation, and hopelessness. The mindset helped turn a prison into a crucible of resilience and a man into a beacon of inspiration of hope, forgiveness, and unwavering strength

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New Articles on Depolarizing America

We are sharing a newly published article here- a substantive piece on “how to depolarize America” and what needs to be done to get there from the Urbana-Champaign Gazette. Includes interviews with Kirk Schneider and eight colleagues who specialize in organized efforts to build bridges among divided cultural and political groups across America: This is the 2nd part in a

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Registration Opens for September Workshop

The Literary Legacy of Existential Psychology:A Comparison of Lu Xun’s ‘Iron House’ and Rollo May’s ‘The Caged Man’Presented by: Xuefu Wang, PhD When: Saturday, Sept. 23rd @ 3pm – 4:30pm PDTWhere: Online through ZoomFee: $20 General/$10 Elders & StudentsPresentation Host: Existential-Humanistic Institute Imagine an iron house without windows, absolutely indestructible, with many people fast asleep inside who will soon die

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The Existential Moment: The Paradox of Meaning

According to NASA, the image above covers an area of sky approximately the size of a grain of sand held at arm’s length.  That’s a crazy thought.  That speck reveals thousands of galaxies.  Thousands.  And that’s galaxies, not stars!  The estimated average size of a galaxy is 100 million stars.  You get it.  The number of stars in the universe

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