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To Be or Not to Be: Engage with Life or Retreat from It

By Bob Edelstein, LMFT
PsychologyToday on March 13, 2024

Bob Edelstein has a new article navigating the ongoing struggle to grapple with or withdraw from life. Key points:

  • Each decision we make signifies our openness to engaging with life or our drawing back from that engagement.
  • There is an internal tension between being and not being.
  • Exploring the pull towards being and the pull towards not being leads to a fuller life.

Read the whole article from Bob’s PsychologyToday blog, Authentic Engagement.

Existential Therapy for Existential Times

By Kirk Schneider, PhD

March 6, 2024

Kirk Schneider has a new article on the new relevance of existential therapy. Key points:

  • Existential therapy is increasingly relevant in our existentially challenged world.
  • Existential therapy can and needs to address both individual and collective crises.
  • Existential therapy helps people to cultivate presence, which is key to a vital and ethically sound life.

Read the whole article from Kirk’s PsychologyToday blog, Awakening to Awe.

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Becker, Rank, and Existential Psychotherapy

By Kirk Schneider, PhD
May 22, 2023

Kirk Schneider has a recent article on the topic of Ernest Becker, Otto Rank and Psychotherapy as “an intimate trio.”

Key points:

We must understand our relationship to existence, not only to our parents, culture, cognition, or physiology.

Life-enhancing anxiety is the ability to live with and make the best of the depth and mystery of existence.

A key result of life-enhancing anxiety is awe-based consciousness—a sense of adventure toward all living.

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