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compilation of video stills of Arash, Kirk and Robert.

Arash’s World Podcast: An Introduction to Upcoming Otto Rank Conference

Arash Farzaneh, Arash’s World Podcast, talks with Robert Kramer and Kirk Schneider, two of the organizers who are also some of the upcoming speakers for the long-awaited and fascinating Otto Rank International Conference entitled “Unleashing Otto Rank: The Creation of Modern Depth Therapy” to be held online via Zoom on November 4th and 5th! This first conference (2024 will see

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Fall Existential Therapy Consultation Groups Opening

Consultation in the Existential-Humanistic (E-H) Therapy groups focuses on cases that illustrate the existential-humanistic orientation to therapeutic practice. These groups are an opportunity to explore how therapeutic orientations are enhanced by incorporating existential and humanistic perspectives. Next Series Starts in October! Group Leaders: Stephanie Weissman, PsyD, EHI Affiliate Instructor and Almudena Sánchez Mazzaro, Psychologist with teaching assistant, Adam Kahn, LMFTSessions: 4 sessions.

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The Existential Moment – Authenticity

Authenticity is a core concept of existential philosophy and an essential touchstone in E-H therapy. Moral connotation (i.e., socio-political ideal) aside, authenticity means congruence with oneself – who we really are. It stands opposite ideas like “bad faith” or “alienation.”

Clients often grapple with societal pressures, parental expectations, an oppressive conscience, self-deceptions, internal conflicts, past traumas, etc., that deter them from seeing and living their authentic path.

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The Existential Moment – On Freedom and Responsibility

Unfairly imprisoned for 27 years in apartheid-ruled South Africa, Nelson Mandela refused to succumb to the chains of victimhood, blame, and rage, instead embracing the powerful message of self-mastery and determination of the poem “Invictus.” For Mandela, “Invictus,” meaning “unconquered” in Latin, was a guiding light of inner freedom in dark times of brutality, isolation, and hopelessness. The mindset helped turn a prison into a crucible of resilience and a man into a beacon of inspiration of hope, forgiveness, and unwavering strength

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New Articles on Depolarizing America

We are sharing a newly published article here- a substantive piece on “how to depolarize America” and what needs to be done to get there from the Urbana-Champaign Gazette. Includes interviews with Kirk Schneider and eight colleagues who specialize in organized efforts to build bridges among divided cultural and political groups across America: This is the 2nd part in a

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