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Registration Opens for September Workshop

The Literary Legacy of Existential Psychology:A Comparison of Lu Xun’s ‘Iron House’ and Rollo May’s ‘The Caged Man’Presented by: Xuefu Wang, PhD When: Saturday, Sept. 23rd @ 3pm – 4:30pm PDTWhere: Online through ZoomFee: $20 General/$10 Elders & StudentsPresentation Host: Existential-Humanistic Institute Imagine an iron house without windows, absolutely indestructible, with many people fast asleep inside who will soon die

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The Existential Moment: The Paradox of Meaning

According to NASA, the image above covers an area of sky approximately the size of a grain of sand held at arm’s length.  That’s a crazy thought.  That speck reveals thousands of galaxies.  Thousands.  And that’s galaxies, not stars!  The estimated average size of a galaxy is 100 million stars.  You get it.  The number of stars in the universe

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2nd International Existential Scholars Presentation Announced

Both Lu Xun and Rollo May are existential thinkers as well as existential literacy figures. They both use metaphors to reflect on human existence. With Lu Xun’s reflection on the Chinese psyche or even the Chinese nation as a whole, he advocates for the destruction of the Iron House to set people free to live as individual humans with respect and dignity. Rollo May, in addressing the perspective of an individual being persecuted by an alienating power, touches on a related fundamental theme of humanity. 

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Becker, Rank, and Existential Psychotherapy

By Kirk Schneider, PhD
May 22, 2023

Kirk Schneider has a recent article on the topic of Ernest Becker, Otto Rank and Psychotherapy as “an intimate trio.”

Key points:

We must understand our relationship to existence, not only to our parents, culture, cognition, or physiology.

Life-enhancing anxiety is the ability to live with and make the best of the depth and mystery of existence.

A key result of life-enhancing anxiety is awe-based consciousness—a sense of adventure toward all living.

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