openings in Existential-Humanistic Consult Group

E-H Consult Group Starts Friday-Opening

Our first E-H Therapy case consultation group of the year is starting February 4th. There is an opening-please reach out below if you are interested.

Description of Working in the E-H Therapy Consultation Group

This group is being led by Kirk Schneider, PhD and Stephanie Weissman, PsyD, both EHI instructors and psychologists with extensive experience in private practice. In this group they will work with therapists of all stripes with the intention to give hands on training for clinicians who would like to expand their E-H therapy skill set.  Participants will be given a chance to present their cases. EHI’s offerings often stress the experiential nature of learning, so the presentation might (but doesn’t necessarily) involve a role play, with you or somebody else playing the client while you or somebody else plays the therapist. The intention is to work on the same E-H therapy skill set that EHI’s annual E-H therapy training retreat course expands upon, making this a great intro to the E-H therapy practice skills for those new to EHI and a refresher opportunity to those who have previously attended the training retreat.

Who is This Consultation Group Intended For? The groups are for licensed clinicians, those nearing licensure, and clinical interns who are interested in gaining more E-H training or reinforcing their understanding of E-H work in the context of case consultation and group feedback and support. These groups are open to clinicians who have not trained with EHI before!


Leaders: Kirk Schneider, PhD and Stephanie Weissman, PsyD

When: Group meets on Friday afternoons for 2.5 hours from 2:00pm – 4:30pm PST. First session on Feb. 4th.
Dates: Fridays—2/4, 3/4, 4/8, and 5/6.

What: Series of 10 hours of case consultation each with 2 master E-H therapists leading and other E-H practitioners.

Where: Online Via Zoom

Fee: $425 for the series of sessions (A split payment plan option is available.)

Enrollment: For info on enrollment, engagement or inquire about a place in either group please use the form at bottom of page to reach out to Michelle, the program admin. She will connect you with the group facilitators!

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