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Orah Krug Presents a Talk at DIV32 About the Certificate Program in Existential-Humanistic Practice at EHI

Orah Krug presents “Lessons From an Existential-Humanistic Training Program”  during the DIV32 Conference of the American Psychological Association held February 28 to March 3, 2013, about directing the Existential-Humanistic Institute’s (EHI) Certificate Program in Existential-Humanistic Therapy. She outlines the history of the program and lessons learned along the way that inform the current focus of the program.  Hear student voices

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E-H Training–A Call for Themes

By Troy Piwowarski, Psy.S. Coming fresh off part two of the E-H certificate training, I find myself in reverie over what took place in the small container of the Westin airport hotel conference room. As a participant in the role of teaching assistant, I found myself in a much quieter space than I am accustomed to embodying. The hush of my

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The Lived Encounter by Lisa Xochitl Vallejos, PhD

Lisa Xochitl Vallejos, PhD, LPC, is an author, professor, and in private practice in Denver, Colorado. Dr Vallejos teaches at CIIS, Antioch University and Naropa University.  She received her Foundations Certificate from EHI in 2012 and attended additional experiential training retreats in 2013-2014. I have just walked out of the most transformative three days of my life. I find myself

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First International Existential Psychology Conference, China, 2010

By Kirk Schneider   “The First International (East-West) Existential Psychology Conference” took place in Nanjing, China between April 2nd and April 5th this year and was a smashing success. I along with several Western colleagues were honored to take a central part in that momentous, and I would add, historic occasion, and the bridgebuilding that is sure to grow from

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