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SHP Conference Cancelled, Hopefully Postponed

Nathaniel Granger, Chair of the Society of Humanistic Psychology’s Conference Committee, has announced that the annual SHP Conference has been cancelled and hopefully only postponed.

Greetings SHP Friends and Family,

It is with saddened hearts that the Society for Humanistic has cancelled/postponed its conference in light of COVID-19. Many of our attendees and presenters fall into the categories outlined by the CDC. Furthermore, we have been notified by others who cannot travel as a result of bands placed on travel. The barrage of phone calls, emails, and inquiries have made it virtually impossible to proceed as planned, and the complications resulting from the coronavirus has made it impossible for us to hold a viable conference at this time. JUST IN: The University of New Orleans (UNO) our host school, has just announced that they have cancelled all classes and switched to online classes. UNO has agreed to grant us full reimbursement and other vendors have been most sensitive. For reimbursement questions, please email Andrew Bland andrewbland@hotmail.com and/or Kevin Keenan at kkeenan@msp.edu. We are all disheartened and thank you all for your understanding and consideration in this unfortunate and unforeseen matter. We do look forward to seeing you at the upcoming SHP conference, time to be determined.


Nathaniel Granger, Jr., PsyD.

Chair, SHP Conference Committee

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