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Update: 2020 CPA Convention Cancelled in April

EHI always recommends attending the California Psychological Association (CPA) Convention.

Unfortunately, due to health and safety concerns the 2020 CPA Convention has been cancelled. Please visit the link below to the Convention Committee cancellation statement for more details.

Psychology in Action
Synthesizing the Culture, Art, and Science of Our Profession

Featuring 3 Master Lecturers You Won’t Want to Miss!

Kirk J. Schneider
The Polarized Mind and What We Can Do About It
Friday 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

The polarized mind is the fixation on a single point of view to the utter exclusion of competing points of view and is one of the chief bases for personal and interpersonal destructiveness. Dr. Schneider will explain this problem and discuss and illustrate a conflict mediation approach aimed at de- polarizing the polarized mind.

Kirk J. Schneider, PhD, is a licensed psychologist and a leading spokesperson for contemporary existential- humanistic psychology. He has published over 200 articles, interviews and chapters and has authored or edited 13 books including The Polarized Mind, Existential-Humanistic Therapy, and The Spirituality of Awe: Challenges to the Robotic Revolution.

Sara Nasserzadeh, PhD, DipPST, CSC
Diversity and Inclusion: From Bedroom to Boardroom
Friday 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m

Words such as diversity and inclusion are buzz- words that we hear almost every day. We moved from claiming cultural competency to inviting cultural humility. What do these actually mean to our clients and us? Dr. Nasserzadeh will o er a model to look at the nuanced forms that diversity takes so we can help our clients to make deeper and more meaningful connections in their most intimate interactions as well as in their broader social context.

Sara Nasserzadeh, PhD, DipPST, CSC is recognized as a global thought leader in the fields of psychosexual therapy, couple counseling and social psychology. She believes that democracy starts in the bedroom and world peace is achievable one relationship at the time.

Mark Rittenberg, PhD
Leadership is Love. The Power of Human Connection
Saturday 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Leaders able to motivate and inspire others have a deep knowledge of self, and model their beliefs and values. They build trust, communicate clearly and inspire their work groups to create a culture of collaboration and community in the workplace. In this experiential session, Dr. Rittenberg will facilitate the development of better communication and storytelling skills and will conclude with lessons learned and ideas of how to keep the res burning (sustainability).

Mark Rittenberg, PhD, is Professor of Leadership Communications, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley. He is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer at the Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute.

Explore all the Presenters and Sessions at the 2020 CPA Convention in the event brochure.

CPA 2020 Convention

When:April 23, 2020 – April 26, 2020
Where:Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa
900 Newport Center Drive
Newport Beach, California  92660
United States

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