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The Existential Moment: Micro-skills: Reflecting

Reflection is a bit like the work of the Spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come. We mirror or reflect our client’s experience—the content presented, the process or experience in the moment (e.g., nonverbals, tone, pattern of speech, etc.), self and world constructs (e.g., “I am…”), protective patterns and inner tensions, and core vulnerabilities or wounds.

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Recommended Event: The Global Existential Summit #3 Online Jan 1–5, 2024

For the 3rd year in a row, Dr Natalie Fraser has collected a group of 21 existential thinkers, including EHI’s Kirk Schneider and EHNW”s Bob Edelstein together with many more contemporary leading voices of the global Existential movement. To quote her: “The summit aims to explore hope and inspiration for living a more meaningful life. It is time for an era of inclusivity, love, and respect. Together, we can make this happen.” Many wholeheartedly agree with her – it is a time for inclusivity, love, and respect.

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The Existential Moment: Bringing there-and-then into here-and-now

E-H Therapy is experiential and relational. The approach leverages several “micro-skills “to develop experience in the room, including tagging, slowing down and tuning in, reflecting back, etc. Each works to deepen presence “here-and-now.”

One skill is “bringing there-and-then into here-and-now.” It looks like, for example, the therapist’s statement above, “How does that feel to say?” The client narrated a story “there-and-then.” However, the realization of PTSD occurred in the present moment, suggesting a critical path to explore. Working in the present offers tremendous therapeutic potential. While nothing is wrong with narrating, experiencing offers immense possibilities for growth.

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The Existential Moment: E-H Therapy is experiential and relational

Can we be present with it? It’s beyond difficult. The news and social media teem with stories of the Israel-Hamas War. Parents talking about the horrific murder of their children or burning of their families or video of glazed-eyed parents walking down streets carrying the limp, shrouded bodies of young kids. The stories and images are shocking, enraging, and, maybe most of all, soul-crushing. Detachment and denial are one

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Early Bird Tuition Offers for Annual Existential Therapy Experiential in May

Early Bird Tuition Offers Expire in December! Existential-Humanistic Therapy: Principles of Practice A Residential Intensive Training in Sonoma for Clinicians & Students Save up to $325 off tuition with our tuition offers! Dates: May 30 – June 4, 2024Location: Beautiful Westerbeke Ranch in SonomaTraining Host: Existential-Humanistic Institute (EHI) A Deeper Dive Into E-H Therapy Practice The experiential intensive involves a

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