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The Existential Moment: The Person of the Therapist

In the Oscar-winning film, Good Will Hunting, Will Hunting (Matt Damon) is a brilliant, troubled young man with a traumatic past. After Will is arrested for attacking a police officer, MIT math professor Gerald Lambeau (Stellan Skarsgard), who has taken Will under his wing as a math prodigy, negotiates with the court for leniency provided Will enters therapy with Sean

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EHNW Workshop 4 Masters 4 Approaches September 2021

Recommended Fall Conference: 4 Masters, 4 Approaches

For the first time, the four contemporary leaders of the four major existential psychotherapy schools of thought will come together and present their specific theories and approaches, followed by a live demonstration of how they work with a volunteer. The conference will conclude with a panel of all four presenters.

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The Existential Moment: Micro-Skills–Tagging

After the massive leak of information by whistleblower Edward Snowden, the U.S. government released a mountain of classified information to control the message and quell the mob. Predictably, ironically, almost comically, much of the information was redacted – struck-through with those thick, black lines. In the clandestine world of national intelligence, redaction is called sanitation. It seems certain information is

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CEs Approved for July’s Workshop

3 CEs Available by Request Radical Authenticity: Liberating the Everyday Divided Mind Developed and Facilitated by: Ken Bradford, PhD Hosted by: Existential-Humanistic Institute Date/Time: Saturday, July 10th 10am-1pm Pacific Daylight Time CE: 3 CEs approved for live workshop attendance*. Fee: $18.50. For more information on CE offerings, or to request disability accommodations, please contact us at Cost: $35* General/Professional;

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