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New Consultation Group

New Video Consultation Group Beginning This Month!  

Facilitated by: Sonja Saltman, MFT – EHI Core Instructor, and Doug Silberstein, MFT – EHI Affiliate Instructor  

Are you interested in strengthening your understanding of an E-H approach to psychotherapy, enriching your work with your clients and supporting your own personal and professional development?

E-H therapists seek not only a deeper knowing of their clients, but also cultivate deeper contact with their own historical context that shapes their sense of their being in the world. EHI’s consultation groups offer the opportunity to consult about clinical work from an E-H perspective. Consult groups provide the opportunity to experientially work with the therapist’s conscious and unconscious contexts and meanings and explore the source of agitation or distress a therapist may feel with a client. Experiential learning in the consult groups includes guided self-reflection and case conceptualization, feedback from fellow group members, role plays, and theoretical reflections following the experiential work. 

Join us for the next EHI group video consultation series! 

When: One Friday a month, beginning March 19th. Sessions will begin at 7:30am PDT and last 2 hours per meeting. 

Who: This group is for licensed psychotherapists – or those nearing licensure – who have some prior training experience with EHI and are interested in gaining more or reinforcing their understanding of E-H work in the context of case consultation and group feedback and support. 

Fee: $400 for the series.   

Enrollment: To register or inquire about a place in the group (max 5 participants) please email Michelle at program[at]ehinstitute.org

Our Facilitators

Sonja Saltman, MFT is a co-founder of EHI and a long-time EHI Core Instructor. She has been in private practice for 20 years in Las Vegas, Nevada after training extensively in various humanistic modalities, including Gestalt, Existential, Redecision Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Group Therapy and Imagery. Sonja was also co-founder of Therapy Institute, an organization offering continuing education seminars in principles of the humanistic-existential tradition, as well individual and group therapy.  

Sonja, together with her husband Michael, a lawyer, has founded The Saltman Center of Conflict Resolution at the Law School of University of Nevada, Las Vegas; a center that combines both law and psychology to provide programs to students wishing to train in conflict negotiation. The Center has offered presentations and workshops in combination with other organizations such as Harvard Law School and the Woodrow Wilson Center to both students as well as the general public. In its existence it has placed 9th in ranking amongst national Conflict Resolution Centers at Law Schools due to its excellent programs and its outstanding academic and research leadership. 

In addition to her work with EHI and the Saltman Center, Sonja serves as the appointed Honorary Consul for Austria in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Doug Silberstein, MFT is an instructor at EHI, has been in private practice in San Rafael and Santa Rosa, CA, for the past 12 years, focusing on working with couples, parents, individuals struggling with depression and anxiety, teen boys, and individuals and families dealing with divorce. He provides depth psychotherapy, integrating attachment-based and systems approaches with an existential-humanistic foundation for working with clients, and facilitates support and psycho-educational parenting groups for dads and dads going through divorce. 

Prior to being in private practice, he was a staff member at the counseling and social services agency, FamilyWorks, in San Rafael, CA, employed as a therapist, Communications Coordinator and Program Coordinator. While at FamilyWorks, he helped develop, co-coordinate and co-facilitate the Back to Family program delivered to inmates at San Quentin State Prison as part of the Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood initiative. He also a coordinated and facilitated a teen pregnancy prevention and life-skills after-school program for middle schoolers. 

Doug is a member of Arts Omega, a peer training and support collective based on the Art of the Psychotherapist training groups that were developed and led by James Bugental and is Treasurer of the Board of Directors for EHI, and one of its Affiliate Instructors.  

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