Letter From the Board 2009

Thursday; February 19, 2009
By Candice Miller Hershman, MA – Community Outreach

[Reprinted from Winter 2009 Newsletter]

On behalf of the EHI board of directors, I would once again like to thank EHI’s supporters for your interest and participation in our organization. Your endorsements, whether through attendance of our conference, our learning communities, donations, or word of mouth publicity, are so crucial to helping us keep our common vision alive. That vision is to create a forum in which training in existential/humanistic therapies can occur. We also hope to build an integrative and supportive community of professionals and friends who care about existential-humanistic values.

Here is an update for those of you who may be interested in what has been going on for EHI:

EHI’s conference in November of 2008 had a great turnout. It was so wonderful to see so many new faces, as well as people in the community who have been presenting and collaborating over the years. It was also great to see people coming in from different areas of the country. We had a very diverse group represented. Thank you for being there. Once again, we appreciate your support.

In January, EHI board members Kirk Schneider, Orah Krug, Bob Edelstein, Nader Shabahangi, along with Tom Greening, and Gayle Byock, were at Saybrook Graduate School’s residential conference in the San Francisco Bay Area, presenting the intensive: “The Arts of Existential-Humanistic Therapy: Skill-building Through Film, Poetry and Practice.” The students who attended were offered a wonderful opportunity to explore existential-humanistic fundamental concepts through film, poetry, and music, as well as experiential exercises.

EHI is now already planning the conference for 2009. We will keep everybody posted on opportunities to get involved, as well as other practical information related to the upcoming conference. We hope to see you there.

In 2008, EHI hosted its first two learning community meetings in the Bay Area. Our first meeting focused on poetry and our second featured a local therapist, Sam Markewich, and his efforts to raise money and awareness around environmental issues. Both meetings provided a great opportunity to get to know people with similar interests and simply enjoy the company of people in the local community.

EHI is hosting their first learning community meeting of 2009 in February at the SFMOMA. We will be visiting the Paul Klee exhibit.

EHI is also pleased to announce that along with four graduate students from Pepperdine University, Kirk Schneider and Orah Krug will be presenting a 2-hour symposium titled “Existential-Humanistic Therapy Comes of Age” thru Division 29 (psychotherapy) at APA this summer. EHI sees this symposium as a wonderful opportunity to expose the psychotherapeutic “world at large” to the major benefits of existential-humanistic psychotherapies. If you plan to be at APA, we hope you will attend and share with other professionals the opportunity to attend this symposium. Your presence will make a strong statement to APA about the public desire to learn more about existential-humanistic therapies.

EHI is also pleased to announce that Kirk Schneider and Orak Krug’s book, “Existential-Humanistic Therapy” is due to be published and released in summer of ’09. The book is part of a monograph series on the major orientations of the field, which is to be sold along with a 6-session video series called “Psychotherapy Over Time.”

Once again, on behalf of the EHI board, I thank you for your support of EHI. We hope to see and hear more from you all in the future.

Warm Regards,
Candice Miller Hershman, M.A.
Community Outreach

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