Interview w/ Kirk Schneider on Depolarizing of America

Seize the Moment Podcast Interviews Dr Kirk Schneider!!

In this interview Leon and Alen talk to Kirk about his latest book, The DePolarizing of America: A Guidebook to Healing and his involvement in the Braver Angels Network. This interview features a substantive conversation on the history and structure of the Experiential Democracy Dialogue, a conflict-mediation approach which he founded which draws in part from his experience as a moderator for Braver Angels. Kirk shares his experiences participating in Experiential Democracy Dialogue groups.

EHI’s upcoming online workshop on July 11th will have both Kirk Schneider and Bob Edelstein leading and is aimed at therapists interested in utilizing the Experiential Democracy Dialogue format both for their practices and their own lives. Find out more about the webinar here.

We are excited to share this podcast with you! Episode 57 of the Seize The Moment podcast: Leon and Alen welcome existential psychologist Kirk Schneider to discuss healthy dialogues among members of the opposite ends of the political spectrum, the need for a US psychology czar, the importance of looking for truths in distorted beliefs, and his current campaign for APA President.

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