Update: EHNW’s “Supervision: An Existential Therapy Perspective” Workshop

This workshop explores what is distinctive about an existential approach to supervision. In attempting to do so, it will address several key aspects in the practice of existential therapy that can be transposed to supervision from an existential therapy perspective. As well as lecture and discussion, participants will have opportunity to take part in a live demonstration of this approach to supervision.

The Society of Humanistic Psychology 17th Annual Conference

"Old Saybrook 3" commemorates the 60th anniversary of the original Old Saybrook conference in 1964, where humanistic psychology was formalized. It also serves as a follow-up to the "Old Saybrook 2" conference in 2000, which aimed both to rekindle the Third Force vision of psychology articulated at "Old Saybrook 1" and to re-vision humanistic psychology for the new millennium. Now, almost a quarter-century later, to keep humanistic psychology relevant for new and future generations, it is again time to recontextualize our movement in and for the 2020s.

$100 – $255