EHNW: A Drama Informed Perspective

Reflecting on his experiences and observations as an artist and mental health counselor, Joaquin Lopez, LPC, will present ideas that construct what he coins as a drama-informed perspective toward life. This perspective is garnered from years of producing storytelling events about local community members and noticing common themes in their trials and tribulations. He explores the power of storytelling as a tool rooted in existential-humanistic theory for both community and personal healing. Joaquin will draw from real life examples in working with adults in and outside counseling office.


EHNW Annual Workshop: Ego, Soul, and the Restorative Function of Emotional Pain

In this workshop, the presenter will introduce an original approach to psychotherapy based upon the premise that emotional healing is fundamentally a psycho-spiritual event. This approach offers a unique way of integrating the values of authentic presence, intentionality, and meaning rooted in the Humanistic-Existential-Phenomenological orientation with the spiritual depth of Buddhist and Transpersonal Psychology. Its theoretical foundation is based upon the interweaving of three elemental assertions (see the event page for more details).