compilation of video stills of Arash, Kirk and Robert.

Arash’s World Podcast: An Introduction to Upcoming Otto Rank Conference

Arash Farzaneh, Arash’s World Podcast, talks with Robert Kramer and Kirk Schneider, two of the organizers who are also some of the upcoming speakers for the long-awaited and fascinating Otto Rank International Conference entitled “Unleashing Otto Rank: The Creation of Modern Depth Therapy” to be held online via Zoom on November 4th and 5th!

This first conference (2024 will see a second conference) features 8 scholars who have studied Otto Rank’s multilayered influence on modern depth psychology.

A lively discussion that is described by Arash as more of a “webinar” than an interview!

Shown in the video are Otto Rank scholars, Robert Kramer and Kirk Schneider with host, Arash. Unfortunately, Siebrecht Vanhooren, another conference organizer and presenter, was unable to make it at the last moment.)

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