I still hear the clock ticking but now it frames

unlimited time. Each passing minute counts as time,

collects its toll in either pain, enjoyment, or simple


You can be the witness of your experience or you can


You decide.

Time runs through your fingers as you spend it carelessly,

or it pools in a puddle of precious memories,

is a lifetime.

You decide.

When you plan an uncertain future and believe it’s


you don’t see the certainty of my smile, the warmth of a

greeting, feel the sun blessing your face, notice your child

growing older by the minute, embrace the wonders of the

next unfolding minute.

You can trust the present, you can put

your faith into an unloved future or live to your regret

in an unforgiving past.

You decide.

Time moves forward in its own shadow

no matter what you do..

The decision is yours.

Sonja Saltman

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