Theresa Beldon, MA, LMFT

Affiliate Instructor, Private Practice

Theresa is a Certified Bodynamic Analyst, teacher, and trainer. Originally a Reichian bodyworker, teacher, and masseuse, Theresa worked for Creighton Cancer Center and the STEPS Center, which specializes in working with those with HIV and AIDS. Presently she divides her time between private practices in Berkeley and Sebastopol, CA. Theresa and her co-leader, Kitty Chelton have presented Somatics in group psychotherapy for five of the annual conferences put on by the Northern California Group Psychotherapy Society.  They have also co-lead a two day workshop, Healing in Community/somatics in group psychotherapy at the annual intensive training, Art of the Psychotherapist for nine years so far.  Theresa and Kitty presented a day long workshop for Existential Humanistic North West in Portland in September of 2019 on Rebuilding from the Inside Out: Somatic Interventions for arousal regulation with Individuals, Couples, and Groups.  Theresa offers CE courses on a variety of uses for somatics with a special emphasis on recognizing and responding to developmental trauma. Theresa has taught Bodynamic psychotherapy in California and Canada and has specialized in working somatically for 30+ years with individuals, groups, and couples in her private practice.

Theresa can be reached at: 707 823-5216