The Roots We Carry

Down deep

where rooted places twist and turn

 tales are told

of the land from which we came.


Then, with an exquisitely slow tempo

shadow and light melt

 into the salt water filling our cells,

melt into our pumping hearts

drip by drip by drip.


memories and love

 braid together in secret.


Ancient treasures linger unknown

in the bustle of to and fro.

trusting only touchable things

like our bones

or cracks in the sidewalk

to jump over.


 Yet dreams summon us deep in the night

 with a shiver of story outlined in blue.

 Summon with a glimpse of the star

 that is ours alone

 ready to awaken us with a whisper,

 a song, a question.


Who is the angel hovering above

 my rhythmic breath

 carrying life softly from limb to limb?


Down deep

I hear my grandmother

      this is your guardian angel,

     you got a very good one-

my Grandmother told me

Ukrayina “borderland”


The roots we carry

we breathe and cry

in unison.



Nance L.Reynolds