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Crocodile Song

Crocodile Song Moonlight settleslike sandacross the bony scales of your back,pearly white andcalm on your crocodile skin. Hues of white and silver weave through the snake roots of the Mangrove trees, drawing long and tangled lines of shadow on the wood. Making their own map of a place that makes no sense. Moonbeams radiateinto tiny placesknown only by creatures living

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Ode to Kara

Ode to Kara In the silence of snowyour heavy step seems to vibratethrough the walls. I sense your presence as you walk, or rather hobble up our steep hill after school.Now it is white outside,each season quilts new colorsblurry and crispto frame your moving form.We share our young girlhoodat the widest point of a circle. Envisioning you now is easy.The

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