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New Salon: Examining the Limitations to Presence

On June 25th, EHI Is hosting a 90-minute virtual community space for contacting and cultivating therapeutic presence. Personal, relational, and cosmological aspects are considered in group discussion, practical demonstration, dyad practice, and will be flexible in nature to follow prerogatives emergent from the group.

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image of bubbles with text overlay Core Skills in Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapy Online Training Workshop
EHI Events

Upcoming Online Training Announced: Core Skills in E-H Psychotherapy

Register for the Online Workshop: Nov 4th – Nov 6th, 2022

Join EHI’s instruction team for this 3-day online Existential-Humanistic training workshop in November.

In this 16-hour online training, leading instructors in the (Existential-Humanistic) E-H therapy field will provide theoretical explanation and experiential opportunities for the development and/or strengthening of skills and capacities that are not only core to the E-H approach but can also support therapists of many other modalities cultivate a foundation for optimizing their technical skills.

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