ed mendolwitz


Ed Mendelowitz, PhD

Affiliate Instructor, Professor Saybrook University

5 Waumbeck Street, Quincy, MA

Ed Mendelowitz completed his doctoral studies at the California School of Professional Psychology where he worked closely with the preeminent psychologist and author Rollo May. He is Associate Editor of the Humanistic Psychologist, on the Board of Editors for the Journal of Humanistic Psychology, and a contributor to some of the major compendiums of existential/humanistic/depth psychotherapy. He has presented numerous papers on psychology, psychotherapy and their respective interrelations with the broader humanities in the USA, Canada, Europe and East Asia. His writing resides on the gnostic frontiers of psychology in its poetic blending of art, literature, music, cinema, religion, philosophy and clinical narrative. His collage-like ETHICS AND LAO-TZU has been called “an extraordinary moral narrative” by the Pulitzer Prize-winning Robert Coles and “a remarkable book, a compendium of wisdom from an astonishing variety of sources” by the late psychoanalyst and author Allen Wheelis. Dr. Mendelowitz is on the faculty of Saybrook University and a lecturer at Tufts Medical Center and writes a quarterly online column, Humanitas, for the Society of Humanistic Psychology. He is the recipient of the Rollo May Award, bestowed by the American Psychological Association for “independent and outstanding pursuit of new frontiers in humanistic psychology.” Dr. Mendelowitz lives with his wife, Khanh, and daughters, Miryam and Vy, on the Squantum tip of North Quincy, just south of Boston.

Teaching Positions

Saybrook University Faculty

Lecturer at Tufts Medical Center