Well, I look around and see all the diversity
I need……..

So many different faces,
so many different bodies,
So many different personalities,
So many shapes and tones
So many different styles and postures
So many different feelings,
conclusions, hopes and dreams

Big eyes opened in surprise
Green eyes sparkling with laughter
Eyes squinting in sunlight
Brown eyes flashing in anger
suspicion darkening in grey round eyes

Cheeks pushed together in laughter
Lips opened to digest food,
Emitting half formed sentences
Hollow faces, emptied of any feelings
Snarling faces in disgust and anger
Hope lifting lips in half smiles

Manicured hands reaching for nothing
Calluses gracing hard working hands
Hands folded in piety or self-defense
Hands balled into fists
Hands ready to throw the rock
Hands pleading for love
Arms folded in prayer, in denial

Noses leading the way into curiosity
Wrinkled noses in disgust
Cute stub noses,
strident proud warrior ones
Savoring noses of the flavor of spring

I delight in the variety humanity offers me
Unfolding in complexity
Inviting me to taste, learn, inhale
To savor each nook and cranny of being
In this world,
Each in its own beauty
Forever diverse

So why should I be content to only
Distinguish between black and white
Based on the color shade of skin?
And limit myself forever to
Such simplicity that does not exist
And deprive myself of the richness of all that is human.

Sonja Saltman, EHI Instructor
June 2022