Category: Poetry Untethered

My Mothers Body

My Mother’s Body Written by Marie Howe Bless my mother’s body, the first song of her beatingheart and her breathing, her voice, which I could dimly hear, grew louder. From inside

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Winter Arrived

Winter Arrived Rising up out of the cocoon of darkness to enter this new day, air, sky and light made an announcement. Winter has arrived today. With barely a moment’s

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Ode to Autumn

Ode to Autumn Clouds darken as they roll west like a slow wave of the heavens. Shades of silver shift to darker charcoal  in just one deep breath.   Sheltered

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One Can Never Be Sure

One Can Never Be Sure Awakening to a soft glimmer casting morning light across Lake Champlain, I realize, one can never be sure, on a checkered November morning such as

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Who Knows

Who Knows Rain knows, dogs and babies know. Oceans, rocks and clouds know. Water and tears,  dirt and sweat know. Birds know. Wise people long ago knew  preserving food, earth

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