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Upcoming Webinar

Saturday, July 11th, 2020 - ZOOM


"The Depolarizing of America for Ourselves and Our Clients:
A Webinar for Therapists"
Developed and Facilitated by Dr. Kirk Schneider and Bob Edelstein, LMFT

This webinar will present mental health practitioners with a conflict mediation approach that can help them work with the sense of otherness both in themselves and with their clients. This webinar will be both didactic and experiential.

When: July 11, 2020, 10am – 1pm PST
Where: Online Utilizing Zoom
Cost: $27.50

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In the wake of the pandemic and recent racial, political, and economic upheaval in our country, this approach addresses practitioners' work and lives. Drawing from his new book The Depolarizing of America: A Guidebook for Social Healing, Kirk Schneider, along with colleague Bob Edelstein, will demonstrate this new conflict mediation approach--titled the "Experiential Democracy Dialogue." We will also provide a space for dyads for audience members to try the skills on their own.

The Experiential Democracy Dialogue provides a supportive, highly structured format that invites people from contrasting cultural and ideological backgrounds to learn about and understand each other, rather than automatically being closed to each other's point of view. The upshot of the approach is that it can notably improve people's capacities to humanize each other and to achieve common ground. For practitioners, specifically, it can enhance capabilities to be more present, both within oneself and with one's clients, which is foundational to effective practice. The approach can also help practitioners to work with the divisiveness within themselves in regards to the polarized issues in society, which in turn may help with their work with their clients.

Companion Book

The companion book that this training is based on is the newly published, The Depolarizing of America: A Guidebook for Social Healing. This book is not necessary to join the training! However it is recommended as a reference and context if you will be using the skills outlined in this workshop outside the workshop setting.

Workshop Format

This online workshop will be both didactic and experiential utilizing Zoom Meeting and a format that will include all attendees being assigned to a dyad to work the approach with another attendee.
To particpate in the dyad portion of this webinar attendees must have a Zoom account(free), Zoom Desktop Client or Zoom Mobile App and be signed into their app.

Our Presenters

Kirk Schneider

Kirk Schneider, PhD, is a licensed psychologist and leading spokesperson for contemporary existential-humanistic/integrative psychology. Dr. Schneider is a cofounder and current president of the Existential-Humanistic Institute (an award-winning psychotherapy training center), Council Member of the American Psychological Association (APA), past president (2015-2016) of the Society for Humanistic Psychology (Division 32) of the APA, and current candidate for president of the APA. He is also a moderator for Braver Angels and an adjunct faculty member at Saybrook University and Teachers College, Columbia University. A Fellow of five Divisions of the APA, Dr. Schneider has published over 200 articles, interviews and chapters and has authored or edited 13 books including The Spirituality of Awe, The Polarized Mind, Awakening to Awe, The Handbook of Humanistic Psychology, Existential-Humanistic Therapy, Existential-Integrative Psychotherapy, The Wiley World Handbook of Existential Therapy, and The Depolarizing of America: A Guidebook for Social Healing. Dr. Schneider's work has been featured in Scientific American, the New York Times, Psychology Today and many other health and psychology outlets.

Bob Edelstein

Bob Edelstein, LMFT, MFT, is an Existential-Humanistic psychotherapist with over forty-five years of experience. He provides consultation, supervision, workshops, and trainings for clinicians and students. He is a blogger for Psychology Today and has published articles on the existential-humanistic perspective, including a chapter entitled Frames, Attitudes, and Skills of an Existential Humanistic Psychotherapist in the Handbook of Humanistic Psychology 2nd Edition. Bob is the founder and current president of the Existential-Humanistic Northwest professional organization.

Co-sponsored by: Existential-Humanistic Institute & Existential-Humanistic Northwest Professional Organization

Existential-Humanistic Institute (EHI) EHI offers trainings, workshops and education in Existential-Humanistic approaches to psychotherapy. Formed in 1997 as a program under the auspices of the Pacific Institute, a non-profit organization in San Francisco, EHI continues to offer experiential training retreats, certificate programs, workshops, consultation groups, theory courses and community gatherings in the Bay Area with the goal of supporting existentially and humanistically informed psychologies and psychotherapies: approaches that focus on and nurture subjective experiential reflection of life's deepest joys and predicaments.

Existential-Humanistic Northwest (EHNW) EHNW enlivens and enriches human experience through our commitment to being present with ourselves, others, society, and the mystery of life. We serve the healing professions, our clients, and the public through dialogue, education, training, and advocacy.


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Upcoming Workshops - Save These Dates!

Saturday, Sept 12th, 2020

"Facilitating Experiential Democracy Dialogue"
Developed and Presented by Dr. Kirk Schneider

Time: 9:45 am to 5:15pm: lunch on our own 12:45-2:15
In-Person at First Unitarian Universalist Society, San Francisco and/or Webinar
6 CE credits pending approval*

Saturday, Dec 6th, 2020

"Working with the Cultural Outsider in Psychotherapy"
Developed and Presented Dennis Portnoy, MFT

Time: 11 am to 3pm: no lunch break
In-Person at Heart Source Center, Berkeley and/or Webinar
4 CE credits pending approval*.

  • *APA Division 32, Society for Humanistic Psychology is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. APA Division 32, Society for Humanistic Psychology maintains responsibility for this program and its content.
  • *Accessibility: It is the policy of EHI to make every reasonable effort to provide attendees with disabilities with the opportunity to take full advantage of its programs. Please contact us ahead of time so we can work with you arrange programming to needs. Please contact our Admin, Michelle at program[@] or call us at 415.689.1475 to make arrangements.

EHI thanks Dr Galia Schecter, PsyD, our Feb 29th workshop presenter, for an engaging day of training!
And thank you to the attendees for joining us for Integrating the Self: The Power of Presence and Community in Cultivating Self-Compassion!

Education and Training Programs [COVID-19 Update to be Announced]

EHI's 2020 Training Cohort for the Intensive is Full-Contact us for Waitlist Opportunities.
Contact Us & Apply Today to Join the Training lntensive Through Either the Foundations Certificate Program or the Experiential Retreat Program!
Taking applications and enrolling for 2021

The hands-on training component for EHI's programs has been updated. EHI now holds one longer training that combines the former two experiential trainings into one intensive residential retreat!

The next open experiential retreat for both the Certificate and the Experiential Training programs will be held May 16th, 2021 - May 21nd, 2021. Students will receive the complete training previously experienced in our two retreats in one intensive retreat! Approximately forty-three training hours are scheduled in this updated Experiential Training. This update makes the training more effective and much less expensive for attendees.To ensure all our students get the best possible experiential training in Existential-Humanistic therapeutic practices the 2021 cohort is limited to 20 students max.

EHI Programs That Feature the Updated Single Experiential Training

Certificate in the Foundations of Existential-Humanistic Therapy
For students looking for grounding in E-H theory & practice.

The Foundations Certificate Program coursework provides students with an E-H Therapy foundational core by integrating both theory and practice into each course. New to EHI? Join this year long certificate program which is open to licensed professionals who seek to enhance their clinical skills and full or half-time students in a masters or doctoral psychology program.

Gain a Foundation in E-H Therapy Practice
Foundations Certificate Program Info »


Experiential Training Retreat Program
For those interested in engaging in EHI Experientials.

Open to licensed mental health professionals and graduate students who would like to participate in EHI's Experiential Training. Master E-H therapists and noted authors such as Kirk Schneider, PhD and Orah Krug, PhD. create intimate, safe and collaborative training environments which emphasize hands-on learning of relational and experiential techniques. Participants learn how to enter their clients' self constructed worlds, using their own personal contexts to develop responsiveness to clients while also cultivating the "presence" that enables genuine encounters and real therapeutic change. Designed for attendance and participation at the retreat is the only commitment, no additional course-work required.

Experiential Training Retreat Program Info »


Who Should Apply?

Participants who find this training effective include psychotherapists, social workers, counselors, nurses, creative and expressive arts therapists, medical doctors, psychiatric practitioners and psychologists who are interested in adopting Existential-Humanistic therapeutic techniques in their practice. The programs welcome Master's and Doctorate students and residents of the above professions. We have even had sociologists and documentary filmmakers join the training!

EHI welcomes international students in all of our programs and does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.

If you have questions about whether a program or training might be a fit for you please contact Michelle, EHI admin assistant to start a conversation: program[at] or call 415-689-1475!

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EHI E-H Therapy Consult Program

Be Notified of Next Consult Group!

We are pleased to continue to offer an Existential - Humanistic Consult Group for the Bay Area. The current group meets Fall and Spring.

E-H therapists seek not only a deeper understanding of their clients, but deeper contact with their own historical context that shapes their sense of reality. EHI's live consultation groups offer the opportunity to consult about difficult cases from an E-H perspective, and to experientially work with the therapist's own meanings that get stirred by particular clients.

Experiential learning in the consult groups includes guided self-reflection and case conceptualization, feedback from fellow group members, role plays, and theoretical reflections following experiential work. We look for group members who are committed to being present for all 5 consultations in the series, and who bring maturity and eagerness to dive into experiential work.

This monthly consult group series meets one Saturday per month from 10:30am-12:30pm for 5 months.

Groups are a max 6-7 members.
Groups meet in Troy's office in Oakland.

Cost of the group is $400 for the five 2-hour sessions. A $50.00 discount is on offer for 2020 Spring Training Retreat attendees. Please contact us at info[@] if you have questions or if you are interested in securing a spot in the upcoming group. The group fee is non-refundable, non-transferable if a session needs to be missed.

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Recommended Upcoming Webinars, Workshops & Conferences



Salon Webinar Hosted by Our Friends at EHNW:

Poetry, Lyrics, and Prose Webinar

Facilitated by: Dave Fischer, PsyD. and Gemma Baumer, graduate student

Date: Saturday, July 18, 2020

Time: 11 AM - 1 PM; Pacific

Cost: $20 for General/Professional
$15 for students
No Charge for EHNW Affiliates
Registration required

*For the time being, all our activities will be held via webinar (Zoom)

Poets, lyricists, and writers have creatively and beautifully expressed humanistic and existential themes with their words. We will be sharing some of our favorites, with reflections. We invite the attendees who would like to do so to share a song, a lyric, a poem, a line, or a passage that has personal meaning. As a group we will listen, reflect, respond, and hopefully be inspired. In salon fashion, there will not be a presentation, but rather a gathering to share thoughts with each other. Please come to share or to listen.

In salon fashion, there will not be a presentation, but rather a gathering to share thoughts with each other. Please come to share or to listen.

Go to for more information and registration. Once you are registered you will receive the Zoom meeting details.

Please refer questions to Dave Fischer at

To participate and get the webinar log-in info, you need to register for the event!

Register Here »

Please Note: this webinar is not being hosted by EHI- please contact the presenter or EHNW with questions about the event.

A Full Day of Webinars

International Meaning Conference

Date: Saturday, July 25, 2020

Time: 11:00 AM- 23:00 PM; GMT (*This starts at 4 am Pacific)

Cost: £40-75.00 Regular cost Tickets; avail until July 11th
£30 Students/Unwaged Early bird tickets available until July 11th
£50-110 last minute ticket July 11-July 24th

*This event will be held via webinar

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly altered how many people live their lives. Many countries have been in strict lock-down, people worry about their loved ones getting infected, frontline workers are overburdened, and the political landscape is changing. Uncertainty and worries are on the minds of many, due to health disparities, unemployment, and financial uncertainty. Experts fear that this situation may not disappear soon, as we have entered an era of pandemics, fundamentally changing how we live. How can we live a meaningful and satisfying life in these circumstances? In this virtual conference we will explore what the challenges are that we are facing in this era of pandemics, and how we could cope with these challenges, now and in the future. Be prepared for inspiring webinars, interactive workshops, warm socialising, effective networking, creative live music, and much more, to help us survive COVID-19 and beyond!

This is the third IMEC International Meaning Conference, the first completely virtual conference. We connect thinkers and doers from many disciplines, to create together a vision of a meaningful world for all people and nature. How can we envisage this? How can we research this? What can we do, in our daily lives, and as psychotherapists, coaches, or political activists? What could politicians do? How is social justice possible in these challenging times? We want to connect and learn from each other's theoretical and practical wisdom, from different disciplines: existential philosophy and therapy, coaching, positive and phenomenological psychology, sociology, politics, history, theology, anthropology, business, HR, and art. We are researchers, practitioners in mental health care, philosophers, activists and artists. Researchers share their findings. Psychologists, sociologists and activists describe their experience, and workshops offer hands-on skill workshops for therapists, researchers and activists. This not your ordinary conference. We walk the talk, by creating meaningful connections during the conference. We have many interactive and creative forms of connecting, via lectures, workshops, debates, experiential exercises, live client demonstrations, social events… We aim to publish lectures from each conference online, in scientific articles or book series.

More Info and Registration »

Please Note; this webinar is not being hosted by EHI- please contact the presenter or with questions about the event.

September 25, 2020

Aging or Eldering? A Powerful Shift to Understanding Human Life: Practical and therapeutic implications from an existential, process-oriented lens.

Developed and Led by EHI Vice President & Core Instructor: Dr. Nader Shabahangi PhD, PSY

Date: Saturday, 09/25/2020

Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Location: Online;

Cost: TBA; 6 CEs pending

More details will follow soon at

Existential-Humanistic NorthWest(EHNW)
EHNW is located in Portland, Oregon and enlivens and enriches human experience through our commitment to being present with ourselves, others, society, and the mystery of life. We serve the healing professions, our clients, and the public through dialogue, education, training, and advocacy. Please contact EHNW about their events here: EHNW Contact Form.

EHI Recommends the 3rd World Congress of Existential Therapy!

Living in the Here and Now: Embracing our Roots
Creating our Future

Athens, Greece
May, 2023

Stay Up to Date >>

From our Friends at

Irvin Yalom and the Art of Psychotherapy

Victor and Irv Yalom sitting in discussion in an interview of Irv by Victor

From Our Friends at

Irv Yalom and the Art of Psychotherapy Online Course


- Over 7 hours of video
- 3 hours of in-depth interview
- 7.5 CE CREDITS included in the price.
- Permanent access to course materials.

- Transcripts of all videos
- Additional skill building activities

Our friends at are excited to present this new course:

Irv Yalom and the Art of Psychotherapy

Join Irv Yalom as he demonstrates how to leverage the most powerful tool of therapists, the authentic engagement of the therapeutic relationship, to help three clients face head-on the existential anxieties that lurk beneath the surface.
For the first time ever, see Irvin Yalom conduct actual therapy sessions. This is your chance to witness firsthand how one of the most revered therapists of our time engages with his clients to address the heart of the human condition.


Register at Academy >>

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