Orah Krug, Ph.D.

Program Director of Clinical Training and Education

Orah Krug

Orah T. Krug, Ph.D., is a licensed psychotherapist with a private practice in Oakland, and Sausalito, CA. She is a faculty member of Saybrook University, and an editor for the Journal of Humanistic Psychology. Dr. Krug is a founding member and Director of Clinical Training and Education of the Existential-Humanistic Institute (EHI) of San Francisco. Under Dr. Krug’s direction, EHI offers consultation, foundational and advanced certificate programs and retreat style trainings in E-H Therapy, one in partnership with Saybrook University. (Information about the certificate programs is available on the EHI website.) Most recently, Dr. Krug authored the chapter, “Existential, Humanistic, Experiential Therapies in Historical Perspective,” (2016) in The Comprehensive Textbook of Psychotherapies, Oxford Press, in publication. She co-authored the chapter, with J. Pearson, “Cultivation Psychotherapist Artistry: Model Existential-Humanistic Training Programs,” (2014) in The Handbook of Humanistic Psychology (2nd edition) (Eds., Schneider, K., Pearson, F., & Bugental, J.). Dr. Krug co-authored the textbook, with K. Schneider, Existential-Humanistic Therapy (2010) part of a monograph series for the American Psychological Association. Currently she is writing, with Dr. Schneider, the companion APA monograph on supervision and training in E-H therapy. She has interviewed, in three videos, her mentors James Bugental and Irvin Yalom. Two with Bugental (2006) entitled, Conversations with Jim and “Joe” A Demonstration of the Consultation Process, with James Bugental and with Irvin Yalom the recently released video (2015) entitled Irvin Yalom: On Psychotherapy and Writing. Her current research focuses on the relationship between existential meaning-making processes and therapeutic change. In May 2015, Dr. Krug interviewed Irvin Yalom at the First World Congress of Existential Therapy in London and in October 2015, Dr. Krug presented a day-long workshop on "Meaning Making: The Heart of Therapeutic Change" in Portland, Oregon.

Dr. Krug may be reached at info[at}ehinstitute.org Attention: Orah Krug.

Read Orah's Presentation at DIV32 6th Annual APA Conference 2013:
The Renewal of Humanism: Lessons from an Existential-Humanistic Training Program - PDF

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