Candice Hershman, M.A., L.M.F.T.

Community Outreach

Candice Miller Candice Hershman, received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Sonoma State University and her Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Saybrook Graduate School. Candice has recently returned to Saybrook Graduate School for her Doctorate in Psychology, where she is focusing on the phenomenology of the disciplined creative writing process from an existential perspective, with a special focus on "presence."

Candice has a private practice in Sausalito and currently sees individuals, couples, and family clients. Candice's primary clinical orientation is Existential-Integrative, with a special emphasis on Somatic Experiencing for treating trauma/anxiety symptoms, and para-suicidal behaviors. Candice is particularly interested in reframing the often misunderstood diagnosis "Borderline Personality Disorder" to the less stigmatizing term "Relational Trauma." Candice also specializes in treatment of people with acute/chronic mental health challenges, as well as adults and children who have experienced situational and developmental trauma. Candice also provides in-home family therapy to people with small children. In addition, Candice provides mental health consultation to local preschools and agencies. Prior to entering the mental health profession, Candice worked for 15 years in Early Childhood Education as both a teacher, director of programs, and county mentor.

Visit her site: Candice Hershman, LMFT.

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