Candice Hershman, Ph.D., L.M.F.T.

Community Outreach

Candice Miller Candice Hershman Ph.D., LMFT, has a private practice in Sausalito and currently sees individuals and couples. Candice has a special interest in somatic experiencing and other body based practices that work well in conjunction with her primary existential-integrative clinical orientation. Candice specializes in the treatment of trauma symptoms, para-suicidal behavior, eating disorders and addiction recovery. Candice is particularly interested in reframing the often misunderstood diagnosis "Borderline Personality Disorder" to the less stigmatizing term "Relational Trauma."

Candice is also a poet and blogger for the NewExistentialists. Her doctoral research, Disciplined Poetry Practice And Its Effects On The Capacity For Presence: An Exploratory Multiple Case Study, earned her a nomination for Outstanding Dissertation with Saybrook University. Candice was also a 2010 recipient of the Rollo May Scholarship for her writing on poetry from an existential vantage point.

Prior to private practice, Candice specialized in the treatment of young children and families in crisis. Candice worked for 15 years in early childhood education as a teacher, director of programs, and county mentor. In 2005, Candice was acknowledged as one of the top 20 teachers in Marin County by the MarinCares program for her work in therapeutic preschool programs for homeless children via Marin Head Start.

A segment of Candice's writing has been published in Dr. Kirk Schneider's Reawakening to Awe: Personal Stories Of Profound Transformation. Candice has also published poems in the collection, Stay Awhile: Poetic Narratives On Multiculturalism & Diversity (Dr. Louis Hoffman & Dr. Nathaniel Granger, Eds).

Candice is currently an adjunct faculty member for the Behavioral Sciences Department at Santa Rosa Junior College. Candice and her colleagues have presented on topics such as humanistic psychology & film, the use of poetry in clinical practice, and the integration of somatic methods into the existential framework. Candice has also organized and facilitated community forums and learning communities. Candice is currently in collaboration to bring her work on poetry and presence to the larger artistic community.

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