Suzan Bollich, Ph.D.

Teaching Associate

Suzan Bollich

Suzan Bollich, Ph.D., is an existential clinical psychologist in private practice in Oakland, CA, adjunct psychology professor at John F. Kennedy University, Berkeley, CA and teaching associate in the Existential-Humanistic Institute’s certificate training program. Suzan specializes in adult, couples, and geriatric psychotherapy, behavioral medicine with individuals and their families living with medical diseases and psychological concerns, end-of-life, loss and grief, and psychotherapy with retired Catholic sisters.

Suzan’s clinical work is grounded in deep attunement to the relationship between herself and her clients, to engaged, responsive therapeutic presence, and to how clients relate to the living experience and to the dying experience. In her work with elders, end-of-life and dying, she is a perpetual learner to experiences associated with awe, life-meaning and the nuances of therapeutic relationship.

Suzan’s Existential Humanistic Institute conference presentations have been Erich Fromm’s Human Dilemma and Existential Needs: Practices For The Everyday Cultivation of Presence, Awe, and Meaning and Radical Intersubjectivity: Attunement Through as a Portal to Authentic Existence.

Suzan has enjoyed the good fortune of receiving extensive training, supervision, and consultation in Existential-Humanistic philosophy and psychotherapy with Drs Kenneth Bradford and Orah Krug, of whom she is in deep gratitude.

Suzan Bollich can be contacted by email at sbollich[@]

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