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2018 Conference News

From Sigmund Freud to Viktor Frankl to Alfried Längle:
The Legacy of Vienna and the Search for Meaning


Dr. Alfried Längle of Vienna Invites You to Attend EHI's 10th Conference Nov 30 & Dec 1st 2018 from Existential-Humanistic Institute on Vimeo.

Featuring Honored Guest
Dr. Alfried Laengle of Vienna

Existential-Humanistic Institute's 10th E-H Conference

Join us in San Francisco!

Nov 30th & Dec 1st, 2018

Registration for Professionals, Elders, and Students Open!

Held in central San Francisco, Existential-Humanistic Institute's (EHI) 10th Existential-Humanistic Conference features renowned Existential Analyst Dr. Alfried Längle (Laengle) as Friday's Keynote Speaker and presenter of the Saturday Workshop and Panels!

This 10th conference will be a dynamic, interactive group discussion hosted by EHI's Kirk Schneider, Nader Shabahangi, Sonja Saltman, Orah Krug, Troy Piwowarski, Doug Silberstein with Special Guest Dr. Laengle.

Special Presenting Guest
Dr. Alfried Laengle of Vienna

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From Sigmund Freud to Viktor Frankl to Alfried Längle:
The Legacy of Vienna and the Search for Meaning

Presented in Partnership by: The Existential-Humanistic Institute & Pacific Institute

Dates: Friday Evening, November 30th & Saturday, December 1st, 2018

Location: First Unitarian Universalist Church and Center, 1187 Franklin Street, San Francisco, CA 94109 

You are invited to engage with us in discussing Existential-Humanism.
Join those interested in existential-humanistic awareness, non-therapists and therapists alike! We invite those who seek a life of meaning by delving into existential-humanism and of course, we also invite therapists, mental health providers, care-givers, doctors, nurses, social workers, and students for two days as we explore The Search for Meaning!

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Special Guest Alfried Laengle, M.D., Ph.D.
2 Days/4+ sessions/1 Social Hour!
Keynote Speaker, Workshop Presenter and Panel Participant

EHI is excited to announce that Dr. Alfried Laengle, noted Psychotherapist, Existential Analyst, and Clinical Psychologist, will be our Keynote and workshop presenter at EHI's 10th Conference. Dr Längle is also joining the EHI Faculty in an "in-the moment" panel, Saturday afternoon. We are very honored to have Dr. Längle join us for the full conference.

Dr. Alfried Laengle on Existential Analysis and "Meaning"
-Excerpt from "Goals and Motivations in Existential Psychotherapy" by Alfried Laengle, MD, PhD, 2015

"At its core, Existential Analysis (Vienna) could be summarized as "bringing to realization the essence of the individual". The essence of an individual can only be found within a mutual inner and outer dialogue. It is through a phenomenological openness towards the world, through one's encounter with others and towards oneself that a person discovers their unique "existential call" or their unique essence. This discovery enables a person to respond freely towards any given situation from their essential core. "Personal Existential Analysis" has been developed as a method to help a person discover their true essence in order to navigate difficult life situations or conditions of psychopathology."

"A central theme in Existential Analysis has always been the question of meaning in life. Recent phenomenological and empirical research on the structure of human existence has shown that there are three existential motivations that precede a fourth motivation concerned with finding meaning. The first fundamental existential motivation deals with the very fact of being in the world; I exist. The second motivation follows by asking: how do I respond to the fact that I have a life? The third asks how do I respond to the fact that I have an identity, that I am an individual, a self? The fourth motivation centres on a personal existential meaning, (Frankl's Logotherapy) as individuals fundamentally seek greater contexts and values for which they want to live."

Alfried Längle, M.D., Ph.D., Dr. h.c.mult., and Professor of Psychotherapy was born in 1951 in Austria, studied medicine and psychology and works in private practice in Vienna as psychotherapist. He worked in close collaboration with Viktor Frankl from 1983 to 1991. Dr. Längle is the founder of the International Society for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (Vienna) and it's psychotherapeutic training program. He is a noted lecturer at many universities in Europe and South America. Since 2004 he has served as a Professor of Applied Psychology (psychotherapy) at Moscow's HSE-university and is a guest professor at Vienna's Sigmund Freud university (since 2011). Dr. Längle has served as Vice President of the International Federation of Psychotherapy (IFP - 2002-2010) and President of the International Society for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis, Vienna until 2017. Dr. Längle has authored over 400 publications and is the recipient of six honorary professorships.

For more information about Dr. Alfried Längle (Laengle), please visit his website

EHI 10th Existential-Humanistic Conference
Nov 30th & Dec 1st, 2018

From Sigmund Freud to Viktor Frankl to Alfried Längle:
The Legacy of Vienna and the Search for Meaning


Friday, November 30th

Friday, 6:30pm - 7:00pm Check-in/Registration

Friday, 7pm-8pm Keynote*: To Live With Inner Consent – An Existential Analytical Approach to a Fulfilling Life
Alfried Längle, Vienna

1 CE

Human beings strive for happiness. We all want to have a good life. But how can we reach this goal? Upon what does it depend to get fulfillment in life? – The good life depends upon much more from ourselves than we often think. In large part, it depends upon really becoming ourselves. Only when we can make use of what we are essentially, in the deep inner self, and only if we can thus bring ourselves to the world, "to existence," can we get back a feeling that all our endeavors are worth being lived.

The concept of "inner consent" is key to such existential access, or the life well lived. It embraces our freedom as well as our relationship and feelings, our perception of the world's reality and possible development in the future including the meaning of existence. This feeling of inner consent reflects our basic capacity to deal with the world and ourselves.

Further, it forms a matrix for motivation and practical guidance of life but also for the understanding and treatment of psychopathology. In short, the question of inner consent forms the basis for the structural model of modern Existential Analytical Psychotherapy.

CEs- Want to know about what you will be learning? Please email Michelle at for the full Workshop course description: including the outline, learning objectives, limitations and references.

Friday, 8pm-9pm Social Hour: Mingle, Nosh and Network

Saturday, December 1st
9:00AM - 5:30PM

Saturday, 10am - 1pm*: Expanding Humanistic Practice with Existential Analysis and Logotherapy
Alfried Längle, Vienna

2.75 CEs

This workshop focuses on building a bridge between the given humanistic understanding of treatment and the add-ons by Existential Analysis and Logotherapy. Furthermore, it offers the opportunity to arrive at a closer view of four key existential themes. These four themes derive from a phenomenological understanding of human experience, and form an inescapable life-challenge with which each person must confront. They are: the world, being alive, being a person, and needing meaning.

The workshop will focus on the application of these themes to psychotherapy and their implication for psychopathology. Thus, it opens access to introspective uses of the existential themes and for experiments in everyday living. A demonstration of the approach as well as small group work will be included.

CEs- Want to know about what you will be learning? Please email Michelle at for the full Workshop course description: including the outline, learning objectives, limitations and references.

1pm-2:30pm LUNCH BREAK- On our own

2:30pm-3:15/3:30pm Audience Q&A Penel for Dr Laengle

Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with Dr. Laengle regarding the workshops and presentations, or about his work following lunch.

3:15pm-5:00pm EHI Panel with Alfried Laengle

The panel discussion consists of a couple of EHI board in conversation with featured presenter Dr. Alfried Laengle. The EHI team will have the opportunity to ask Alfried questions about any of the subjects he discusses in either his keynote address or workshop, although questions about the workshop will be emphasized. The chief aim of the panel discussion is to elaborate on and sometimes challenge points of contrast and comparison between Dr. Laengle's existential-analytic approach to psychotherapy and the existential-humanistic approach. Such elaboration and questioning is aimed at helping both board members and the audience to better understand Dr. Laengle's approach and to consider the opportunities for bridge-building between his existential analytical and the existential-humanistic approach.

The panel and Dr Laengle will also discuss the relevance of Existential therapeutic models and Existential Humanistic therapy today for people in the world - how does it help the common person live a more 'worthwhile' life, so to speak?


5:00-5:30pm Conference Closure

Conference wrap-up to follow the final panel.

Central San Francisco Local Neighborhood Information

Situated in the heart of San Francisco, the First Unitarian Universalist Church and Center is located in the Western Addition near the newly re-developed Hayes Valley and central Civic Center as well as Japan Town, Fillmore District and Lower Pacific Heights. This central location is conveniently close to many hotels and like most of San Francisco has dining options for many tastes. Also very close to a Whole Foods and a Trader Joes!

From Wikipedia:
"Hayes Valley is a neighborhood in the Western Addition district of San Francisco, California. It is located between the historical districts of Alamo Square and the Civic Center. Victorian, Queen Anne, and Edwardian townhouses are mixed with high-end boutiques, restaurants, and public housing complexes."

Recommendations for Finding Nearby Hotels:

The closest hotels are The Opal and The Monarch according to First Unitarian Universalist Center, for ease of getting to Center.

If searching for nearby hotels or looking for an AirBnB that is close...The Center is located in the neighborhood of San Francisco known as "the Western Addition." It is in the center of these surrounding neighborhoods: Hayes Valley, Fillmore, Lower Pacific Heights, Japan Town, Nob Hill, the Tenderloin and Civic Center. Use Maps and this Center's address to determine how close you would be to the Center: First Unitarian Universalist Church and Center, 1187 Franklin Street, San Francisco, CA 94109.

Continuing Education Information

The CEs at the Conference are cosponsored by the Society of Humanistic Psychology. The Society for Humanistic Psychology (SHP) is accredited to offer Continuing Education (CE) credit through the American Psychological Association. You are welcome to sign up for CE’s even if you are not a psychologist; however, it is your responsibility to find out whether your state board will accept continuing education credits from an APA Approved Sponsor. [Note: In our research for EHI training attendees we have found that the California BBS accepts continuing education credit from APA Approved Sponsors, your licensing board might do the same. Find out more on the continuing education page of the Callifornia BBS website under Where to Find CE Courses > CE Approval Agencies.

Continuing Education Fees
Friday Evening Keynote Presentation 1CE $16.00
Saturday AM Workshop 2.75 CEs $18.50
Both Keynote & Workshop 3.75 CEs $28.50

The Continuing Education Fees are in addition to registration cost and must be submitted at time of online registration (please pay 1 week prior to conference). All person’s desiring CEs should request them during registration by selecting CEs as an additional item during registration on Eventbrite. The Continuing Education option will close 1 week prior to Conference. There will not be onsite sign up for Continuing Education credits during the conference.


Tickets (225 max) Professional Early-Bird (Oct 30th) Elder Student
Fri Night $55 $40 $35 $30
Sat Full Day $165 $150 $130 $105
Both $209 $179 $149 $119

*plus fees

Refund Policy

In the unlikely event the organizers need to cancel this conference, registered attendees will be refunded their ticket amount.

If a registered attendee is unable to attend and needs to request a refund they may do so by contacting the Conference team through Eventbrite or emailing EHI's admin, Michelle at

Requests made at least 15 days prior to event (by Nov 15, 2018) will recieve a refund of their ticket cost. Refund requests made from Nov 15th through Nov 25th, 2018 will recieve a 50% refund of their ticket cost. Refund requests made after Nov 25th are not eligible for refund. Tickets may be transferred to another person! Please write to us to let us know you are giving your ticket to another so we may welcome them at check-in.

Continuing Education participants post-conference refund requests. If a CE participant is not-satisfied with the learning experience they may file a written grievance with the Continuing Education admin and EHI Clinical Director, Dr. Troy Piwowarski. Please contact the admin, Michelle at to assist you with this process.

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